Updated list of coronavirus vaccine deaths

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  1. Rag says:

    Robert F. Kennedy mentions that according to studies, in the USA, only 1% of adverse events (inc. deaths) are reported.

    They are killing the elderly with the so-called ‘vaccine, this is what they are doing right now. In care homes, most of them are isolated and alone and so mnay people are just in such a state of profound psychosis after month of psyhological terror campaigns from criminal media and governments that when they are told ‘your father/mother died from ‘covid”, they don’t even fight the lie!

    Fed up with lemmings, sheep, cattle, zombies, covid cult members, weaklings, whiners, moronic compliant mask wearers and all the other assholes who’d rather kill their kids than fight for their rights!

    Let them get the doses first and enjoy the view of street emptied of the masked morons

    • GreatReject says:

      “only 1% of adverse events (inc. deaths) are reported”

      Official Info: CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) -which is known for reporting only 1% of actual cases- reports 181 DEATHS and over 2,000 SEVERE REACTIONS from Covid19 vaccine in the USA. https://youtu.be/PfqX2leCtHs

  2. Iwona Jadwiga says:

    Another report


    Na trzydzieści kilka zaszczepionych w tym ośrodku osób, 9 zmarło, a „zdecydowana większość” pensjonariuszy i personelu zachorowała na covid-19. Chorobę przechodzą ciężko.
    Out of thirty people vaccinated at this center, 9 died, and the “vast majority” of residents and staff contracted the covid which was severe.

    • Iwona Jadwiga says:

      Powyższe miało miejsce w Puławach w Polsce.
      The above took place in Puławy, Poland.

  3. JNG says:

    Charlie Ward . . . JFK Jr. possibly being the next President, the total takedown of the cabal, and more. There is a strong spiritual element to this conversation, honoring God’s will.

    Anyone who lists Charlie Ward as a valid source on anything needs to not be given any validity . . . JFK Jr is still alive???????

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