Massacre in Italian nursing homes after corona vaccinations

Regional media in Italy speak of a “massacre in nursing homes” after the first round of vaccination against Corona flu.

At a nursing home in Rebbio, a town near Como, 85 out of 93 people became infected with the virus after receiving the vaccine. 21 of which have already died.

91% of the elderly tested positive, as did 54 care workers. Despite this, medical authorities just want to administer the second shot. Many experts have already warned that this second vaccination in particular carries increased risks and may increase mortality dramatically.

Gianmarco Beccalli of the Ca d’Industria foundation calls the events at the nursing home in Rebbio “inexplicable,” since 90% of both guests and staff had been vaccinated, and everyone strictly adhered to all corona protocols. He did not seem to want to make a connection with the vaccine – probably Pfizer’s, since there was 21 days between the two injections – on the contrary, he said he hoped that the 10% who did not get vaccinated would still do so. Also, on February 6, the second dose will simply be provided. (…)

Nursing homes affected throughout the country

In an elderly care home in Grottaferrata near Rome, 40 people (10 staff and 30 residents) were found to be infected, four of whom are said to have died. ‘No one is talking about it, it is very likely that the home has administered vaccines,’ writes a reporter.

47 residents and 27 employees of a nursing home in Matino, Lecce province) became infected a few days after vaccination, according to the mayor. In Bari, a week after vaccination, the same thing happened to 15 employees and 13 residents of another institution. In another retirement home in Bari the same story: 48 infections and 4 deaths. ‘There are many nursing homes infected with the virus after the Pfizer vaccine was administered to elderly people and health workers,’ concludes the regional Secondopiano News.

A 45-year-old doctor, a gastroenterologist at a hospital, died of cardiac arrest after being vaccinated earlier this month. Dr. D’Auria was a staunch supporter of vaccinations. The hospital and authorities refused to link the death to the vaccine. There will be no investigation and no autopsy, and his death will go down in the books as “natural.

A 42-year-old nurse, working in the operating room at a hospital in Rome, died in his sleep just days after the second injection of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. In mid-January, a nurse at a hospital in Frosinone also died in her sleep, also very shortly after being vaccinated.

Hundreds dead and permanently disabled

By January 22, based on international statistics, the American CDC had recorded 329 deaths and 9,845 adverse reactions to the vaccines. By that date, 104 people had already become permanently disabled. 273 people had fallen into mortal danger. The average age of the victims at that time was 76.5 years.

In California, the Moderna vaccine was temporarily stopped because of a very high number of people with allergic reactions, but vaccination simply resumed a few days later. A 39-year-old nursing assistant in Huron, Ohio, who had no underlying conditions, died within 48 hours of being vaccinated, which was a requirement of her employer. According to family, she too had received the Pfizer vaccine, and did not feel well immediately afterward.

In Norway, an official investigation was launched after 33 elderly people died after being injected with the Pfizer vaccine. People also died in the US, United Kingdom, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and India shortly after receiving this controversial mRNA ‘nano’ vaccine. Nearly all authorities and fake news media continue to claim it was a “coincidence”. Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy cynically responded that “chance appears to be very deadly in recipients of the corona vaccine. If the clinical trials are good predictors, the chance rate will probably start to rise dramatically after the second shot.

The actual casualty rates are expected to be much higher. Many more are dying and having serious reactions to the vaccines. They are counting most of the deaths in nursing homes not as due to the vaccine, but as corona deaths. In the UK, if people die within 28 days of a positive PCR test (which, due to its 40-45 cycles, produces a high number of false positives), they are automatically recorded as corona deaths, regardless of their co-morbidities.

46% rise in deaths in British nursing homes

In Great Britain: The Guardian reported on January 20 that the number of deaths in English nursing homes had risen by a staggering 46%. The left-wing fake news media website makes no connection with the vaccination campaign begun at the end of last year among primarily vulnerable groups, but blames a new “Covid mutation” – exactly the scenario as predicted several months ago. But these “mutations” are nothing but a new hype for governments to support their false agenda’s of fear mongering and surpression.

After Pfizer vaccination ‘they die like flies’

An American nursing home resident says in a video that in the nursing home where he works, very few people got sick from corona in 2020, and no one died. Shortly after the recent administration of the experimental Pfizer mRNA ‘nano’ vaccine, he says, 14 residents died in two weeks, and many others are balancing on the edge of death. ‘They are dying like flies.’ His superiors, however, note all the deaths as corona victims. There is no way to verify whether this man is telling the truth, but what he tells is consistent with events in Italy and Norway.


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