Delores Cahill – The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance

Professor Delores Cahill discusses a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of the COVID scam. The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance is seeking to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines. More information at

Few comments below the video

She’s a force of nature. Professor Cahill has endured relentless slander and death threats, to speak truth to evil.

Yes! There should be airlines, hotels, restaurants, stores and just about everything for us who do not want to play the filthy game. Hopefully internationally!!

I’m Irish from Belfast this woman has more guts than 99.9% of the men I see masked up doing what they are told I totally respect people like this Come on people stand up for your kids future.

Please bring these non idiotic airlines to Australia.

We desperately need a world wide counter culture, a culture of the old tried and tested normal, all sane and rational people should be actively boycotting as many business that are pushing the new anti human abnormal, the sooner we resit, the sooner normal life will return.

This IS World War III and the war is against our inalienable freedoms

13 thoughts on “Delores Cahill – The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance

  1. I love that Delores has found other ways of going about retribution by making claims to the insurance companies. However as commendable as Delores’ intentions are, the entire system is corrupt and cumbersome. It seems like we have to “go through the system” but I feel this will reap few rewards and much energy and time will be spent on it and drained. However if we work to change the mindset, things can change pretty quickly. By working against the system, we are actually still building that system. We may not be able to fly for a while but the fastest way is to make this structure past tense. Once we put our energy on development of new systems, it will grow fast and furiously. But spending it on this system is I feel, a waste of energy and time.

  2. what would prevent these evil doers from just blowing the freedom plane right out of the sky? or pulsing EMF’s to disable plane instruments etc and cause a crash and use the media to blame something benign.

  3. Who is going to accept a group of knuckle dragging, plague rats? Aren’t y’all used to Trailways buses anyways?

  4. As you may or may not know, the country of El Salvador has now accepted Bitcoin as legal tender and this can only be a good thing as it will grow awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a whole… Even though it is not a privacy cryptocurrency (Such as Monero or Pirate-chain), I think that this is a stepping stone towards taking control away from corporations that intend to control every aspect of our lives insidiously through money, humankind needs to learn the lessons that “transparent cryptocurrencies” are not good for privacy and give corporations the ability to profile every human being on the planet, effectively currencies using this model can be used to turn pseudo-anonymous money into a way to monitor and control lives of people through the cleaver use of information this can be done when transaction data (bitcoin addresses with transaction amounts) are attached to other metadata (like GPS location and names) through our own insecure practices and tech that effectively spy on us…

    With that being said, Hopefully, once mankind comes to the realisation that privacy is the best form of protection from the manipulation of soulless corporations whose only goal is greater and greater profits without the consideration of their impact on lives (written in agreements to diminish our rights through limited liability), privacy coins will become the new norm.

    Privacy is a fundamental first step in getting back our freedom of travel and will enable that basic human right as an end goal.

    The El Salvador news got me thinking, that if the government in of El Salvador is open to that level of change, maybe they have a more relaxed stance on travel requirements, so I looked it up and found this list produced by the UK Government:

    I used the search box on that site to find information on El Salvador and unsurprisingly but happily found that they do not require any proof of vaccination for entry into the country and the UK don’t require it on the return of their citizens.

    Though I was unfortunately dismayed when looking at the level of tyranny from reading some of the other countries on this resource…

    My motherland of Cyprus is completely brainwashed and do require stringent checks for this fake virus and in fact, still believes in the “PCR test”, even though the inventor of the PCR test has tried to tell the public (but been censored) that his test is not to be used for diagnosis…

    I am writing this because I feel that the website above is a great resource and should be used to systematically get a feel for every country and then contact them one-by-one, to open up a dialogue and to bring them into the light

    Those in certain political circles need to open their minds and reason with mankind instead of being manipulated by psyops and following dogmatically without questioning or critical thinking.

    Please give me feedback or contact me for further discussion, Thanks.

  5. is there any recent updates on this project? As of Nov 30th, cannot leave Canada without all the C – orders. Wondering what options are out there? thanks

    1. Check out the amazing Dr Darrell Wolfe from Canada who is organising private planes from Canada to Mexico and elsewhere if there is a demand. He has a fb post coming up @ 12pm in the next day or so giving all the details.

  6. It sounded like a good thing so I paid 100$ for a bronze membership. Waited 12 months. Not a single flight organized from Italy regardless my incessant enquiring.
    All they have is private podcasts and useless forums.
    Very much skeptical on the whole FTA operation now.

    1. A fool and his/her money are easily parted! Bloody fools signing up to this. Dolores Cahill is a con artist

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