Ukraine Press Release About Joe Biden/Deep State Corruption In the Ukraine

Ukraine, a country that was invaded and destroyed eight years ago. And it became impossible to change it without Russia’s intervention. It is just unbearable to think about victims. Because only the people of Donbas understand what is at stake.

Nabu leaks “new facts of international corruption and external governance in Ukraine”

A blast from the past by this humble author who extensively covered the corruption in the former Soviet shithole that is once again in the headlines with the scab having been ripped off of the Dem-Deep State collusion with Ukraine.

It really jogs the old memory in revisiting this stuff because th depth to which the Obama regime and especially Joe Biden, John Kerry and Victoria Nuland were involved in the events leading up to and after the U.S.-backed 2014 coup is something that few have bothered to bring up these days.

The Neocon Coup In Ukraine

Not only was the Obama regime heavily involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine, but also the neocons, George Soros backed NGOs and the now-deceased warmongering fanatic John McCain.

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The Deep State-Democrat-Media Axis Of Evil may think that they have everything that they need to launch a similar overthrow of President Trump right here on domestic soil but they should be forewarned that Ukraine is a bottomless snakepit of corruption and greed in which many of them including Adam Schiff and Biden were intimately involved.

Starting with the Sochi Winter Olympics which served as a distraction to Russia while Nuland, McCain, Kerry, Biden and the schemers plotted their coup, Americans were fed a steady diet of anti-Russian propaganda to prime the pump that would culminate in the Robert Mueller witch hunt and the ongoing coup against Trump through impeachment.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine has led to many false or misleading videos, photos and claims being spread on social media. This continuous thread will be dedicated to documenting what has already been exposed/debunked by independent analysts and journalists. Here’s a compilation.

A flashback: The Guardian’s Latest Attempts at PR for the Ukraine Nazis

Interesting episode of X22 Report – The number one priority is to clean out the bad actors. The deep state and fake news are trying to push the idea that Putin is starting WWIII, this is not WWIII this is destroying their system, the world is helping. Trump and the patriots knew this day would come and certain deals needed to be made to remove the corrupt. The neo nazi are preparing to fight back, the people were given weapons, is this for Russia or for the neo nazis. The [DS] will fight back, they are fighting for their lives and Putin is already pushing to sit down and talk about surrender.

Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse

Finally, Jean Nolan, the founder of the Inspired Channel – Are we getting the real picture about this conflict? Or is our perception being manipulated? And if yes – WHY? Are we headed for World War 3? What’s the big picture here?

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine Press Release About Joe Biden/Deep State Corruption In the Ukraine

  1. Too many non-related articles and videos concerning this conflict. I am an I stand for America. Worth everything I know about this mess… I am glad that the deep state is being recognized for all they have done. The bidens with burisma and many ..many other details about this mess..tell me that the world is looking to be in better shape once the corruption is cleaned up. They got sloppy. Very sloppy. And they boast too much..almost like they are..untouchable? Thank god trump came to power.

    1. God is Cleaning house..his house and this nation.. the corruption, bio chemical labs, pedophile rings, evil swamp is being cleaned up in Russia and around the world.. God will have his reset and his will and way.. thank you Jesus

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