Trump is back and going to war against the “Deep State”, CPAC 2022 full speech

In a speech interrupted again and again by thunderous applause, Donald Trump presented his program for the next election in Florida: fight against censorship, Deep State, propaganda media and manipulation of elections.

In Florida since Friday, US conservatives for CPAC have been meeting. First, Trump clearly condemned the Russian intervention in Ukraine as “terrible,” claiming it was “shocking and a barbarity that should never have happened. We pray for the proud people of Ukraine. God bless them. They are courageous.”

Biden is partly to blame for Ukraine crisis

The culprit for what is allegedly happening now in Ukraine would not just be in the Kremlin, but simply in the “White House.” Biden would be “sleepy, bad, weak, incompetent.” When the president would be disrespected, “the world becomes chaotic.”

“No doubt President Putin made his unconscionable decision to attack Ukraine only because he envisioned America’s pitiful retreat from Afghanistan.”

Indeed, under Trump, this was very different: America and its president were respected. America would be respected because Trump mastered successful dealings with other statesmen. So too with Putin: “I got along well with Putin. But no president was tougher on Russia than I was.”

“… as if we had lost a war.”

With Biden as president, disaster would now almost loom: “Under Joe Biden, we are losing our country, not otherwise, as if we would have lost it in a war,” Trump said. Biden would be the president of those who destroy the state from within:

“Our most dangerous people are people on the inside … because they make us weak,” he said.

“They use Big Tech to censor you, the Deep State to spy on you, the Secret Services to accuse you of something, the media to defame you… they manipulate elections to take your rights away from you… all the while claiming they would defend democracy.”

Fight against “power-hungry, ruling class”

Trump sees his task for the future as stopping and reversing this fatal development, which in effect fights democracy, respectively:

“Our mission in the years 2022 and 2024 is to take on this radical and power-hungry ruling class and ensure his electoral defeat is so convincing that he is relegated to political oblivion and never comes back.”

Trump seems to be one of the few top politicians who dares to state unpleasant facts very clearly and is willing to stand up to completely unscrupulous, power-hungry “elites” of the “new normal” and the “Great Reset” – even if unfamiliar hate attacks come at him in the process.

Video speech by Donald Trump at CPAC 2022:


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Source (German) Philosophia Perennis

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