Westerner Stuck in Ukraine: Don’t Believe The Propaganda, Russia is Winning The War

The gap between popular perception and strategic reality continues to grow in Ukraine.

A Westerner stuck in a hotel in Kiev is going viral for claiming that Russia is decisively winning the war and the media’s reporting is pure propaganda.

Writer Gonzalo Lira, who goes by Coach Red Pill, says that while Ukraine may be winning the propaganda war, Russia is winning the actual war.

Here’s his latest YouTube video (it’s likely going to be censored for “hate speech”):

Lira’s arguments are backed up by reports indicating Russia has seized at least around 15 percent of the country in just four days.

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This conservative chart was shared Sunday morning by BILD’s Julian Ropcke:

Reluctantly, this is my #UkraineUnderAttack map for battle day 4, 16:00 Kyiv time.
Very conservative again, as it shows no Russian advances into Poltava (they exist, but I can’t geolocate them) and some cities in Luhansk under Ukrainian control, which is disputed by Russian MoD. pic.twitter.com/zAi9smWMMv
— Julian Röpcke🇺🇦 (@JulianRoepcke) February 27, 2022

Other maps are far worse:

Satellite imagery indicates that a massive Russian armored column, with +800 vehicles, is approaching Kiev from the north.

At the same time, Russian forces in the East are working to link up and encircle a large fraction of the Ukrainian military. https://t.co/fh0JdzNUhG
— Clint Ehrlich (@ClintEhrlich) February 28, 2022

As Lira noted, Ukraine’s comedian president Volodymyr Zelensky would not be conscripting child soldiers and grandfathers on day four if the Ukrainian military was actually holding its own.

Zelensky would not be handing out AK74s to anyone who wants them (including criminals) and telling women to turn themselves into enemy combatants by throwing Molotovs at trained Russian soldiers if they were winning.

Zelensky is trying to get Ukrainian civilians killed for propaganda purposes in order to drag the US and Europe into the war.

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3 thoughts on “Westerner Stuck in Ukraine: Don’t Believe The Propaganda, Russia is Winning The War

  1. God bless and carry you! It is very brave thing you are doing in getting the truth out. If I were a Ukrainian patriot, I would kill you and blame it on the Russians.

    Fortunately, I am an American back home who will share a prayer of invincibility with you. Doesn’t matter your religion or not. Read the words. You will be fine then. And share them with any you can. When you continue to live by miracles despite all ill circumstances, spread the prayer over your lifetime. The most invincible people I know with stories too wild to even believe…they credit this prayer. Me, too. Just one warning that will spare you much stress: The prayer will prove itself to you if doubting it. Survive you will, but surrendering early on any doubt will save you a heavenly beating. 😉


    Warmest regards from the U.S.

  2. I have been following you for about 2 years , you always enlighten me to whats really going on.God bless you and keep up this fight for humanity..Steve

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