How long will the vaccinated live? The answer from the inventor of graphene oxide

Generals of the devil: Gates, Schwab, Merkel, Canderian. Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. More and more people know who Klaus Schwab is. Merkel doesn’t need any information. But few people know who Dr. Mylo Canderian is. And why I have placed him in the ranks of the devil’s generals called Great Reset, that, dear reader, you will be able to answer at the end of this article, writes Michael Mannheimer.

Canderian is – I anticipate here, as do Gates, Schwab, Soros, Merkel, Spahn, Fauci and hundreds of others – one of the generals of the devil called Great Reset. In the opening paragraph of the article (on Dr. Henry Makow’s website), author Steven Fishman writes of Canderian:

“Frankly, Dr. Canderian is what I would call a “genocidal globalist” who follows the rarely discussed slogan of the Georgia Guidestones, namely “Don’t be a cancer on the earth; leave room for nature.” Dr. Canderian believes that 95 percent of the world’s population are “useless parasites” who should be euthanized as soon as possible.” ∼ Steven Fishman, July 22, 2021.

That Fishman refers to Canderian as “his friend” is something I absolutely cannot understand. This declaration of friendship casts a dark shadow over Fishman’s interview with Canderian, which can be read below. I find it even less understandable for someone to call someone his friend who claims to be an ardent supporter of the Masons’ duty and obligation to rid the world of the “plague of humanity.” And in the sense of this plague definition, which originally came from the Freemasons, he is overwhelmingly working toward a global genocide, and has made the implementation of the directives of the Georgia Guidestones: the reduction of humanity to 500 million people his life’s work.

What few people are likely to know: the Georgia Guidestones were founded in 1980 by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. The purpose of depopulating 500 million people was to reserve the planet for Scientologists. Hubbard, who considered himself “the antichrist,” personally oversaw construction under the name Robert C. Christian. Bill Gates was a Scientologist who took depopulation to heart (source). Scientology is a global, strictly hierarchically structured US-American sect of a new type and probably the largest private secret service in the world. Scientology employs sophisticated psychological manipulation methods, some developed by the CIA and the Tavistock Institute (mkUltra), to specifically align people with Scientology. It is highly likely that Scientology is a key component of the U.S. Deep State and is closely linked to the Illuminati, the super-lodge that created the Coronap layer and advocates the mass murder of 90 percent of humanity through vaccination with a serum that has long been presented by most leading virologists with irrefutable evidence as a deadly bioweapon.

Sources here and here

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10 thoughts on “How long will the vaccinated live? The answer from the inventor of graphene oxide

  1. I have read compelling evidence over the years, from several sources, that the man behind the ‘Stones is NOT Hubbard. It is Ted Turner.

  2. I thought this article was going to answer the question in the title. No such luck. Doing research on graphene oxide. Would you please answer the question of the title, “How long will the vaccinated live?” and not stray from the subject matter like someone with dementia, schizophrenia or an agenda.

    1. How long you live will depend on how many chronic conditions you have. The vax destroys your immune system and attacks every organ in the body. The vaxxed will eventually have so much chronic disease they will wish they were dead. I’ve seen predictions of people living up to as many as 5 years after vax. Who knows for sure? NO ONE can give you an exact time frame because this is uncharted territory. This is not “straying” from the answer because it’s the only answer you will ever get. The vax contains the dangerous spike protein that will start the process! If you’ve been vaxxed, my advice to you is pray. It’s the only thing that can possibly save you, although there are certain protocols that can help with de-toxification.

    2. 3-10 years is the answer. Depending on how many shots. Obviously the more you take sooner you die..

  3. Agree with “nanobot”
    Do you really need klick-baits for people to read your articles?

  4. Ok, so he didn’t really answer the question “how long will the vaccinated live?”
    But really, does anyone know the answer to that question? I wanted to know too, but is that within the reach of an easily read article on the internet? I think we’re in unchartered water here.
    I would have been nice to hear more about the inventor of graphene oxide though.

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