Rebellion has begun in Melbourne: ‘Something amazing is happening’

Melbourne is in an uproar, says ‘Aussie Cossack’ Simeon Boikov in a YouTube video to his 125,000 subscribers. “It’s a beautiful sight. I’m extremely proud,” said Boikov, who also expects an uprising in Sydney soon. “This is fantastic.”

In the video, he thanks all the freedom fighters, independent journalists, the construction workers, fathers and mothers. “It’s all coming together. In the distance we can hear the victory stream.”

Huge movement

“Something amazing is happening in Melbourne,” Boikov emphasizes. Late last month, the world’s longest lockdown in the city came to an end. “Melbourne has been taken over by Australians. People are taking to the streets. We are no longer talking about a few construction workers or a handful of protesters here and there; it has become a huge movement.”

Pictures from Saturday November 6th, 2021


This Saturday, crowds are expected in the downtown area. “This is a turning point,” he says. “The group protesting is no longer a minority. It seems that [Prime Minister] Dan Andrews, ‘dictator Dan,’ has finally fallen prey to his own power.”

Everyone has had enough

“He has put so much pressure on people that it is no longer about left or right, race or skin color; everyone is taking to the streets,” Boikov says. To the people of Melbourne, he says, “You are doing this for the whole country. You are doing this for the whole world. I am extremely proud of Melbourne and I call on everyone to take to the streets on Saturday.”

“In the beginning we were a small group, in the beginning people looked at us strangely, but after two years we have arrived at a point where everyone has had enough.”

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3 thoughts on “Rebellion has begun in Melbourne: ‘Something amazing is happening’

  1. dont stop ,,,your amazing work
    power to the people
    costa rica is the next melbourne ,,its crazy here with mandates coming
    u r the example to the world ,,thank you so much
    u just mighht save are asses ,,,but keep your guard up ,,and let the courts do the job on em

  2. Hi!
    How can Simeon Boikov still be on the Y tube?

    Just found this website, ‘Great Reject’, GOOD title. Interesting content.

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