This gives hope: “Green Passport” rejected throughout Spain

Not only in France has the last word been said, but also in Spain the future of the vaccination passport is at stake, the so-called “green passport”, as a mandatory document for all citizens in everyday life.

After the decision on the introduction of the digital passport in Spain was left to the individual regions (and thus it is no longer centrally regulated), the competent courts there have annulled, one by one, the official orders to introduce the passport. As the latest region, even the regional court for Galicia has now ruled against the mandatory access control via the “Green Pass,” as reported by international media.

This means that the standardized vaccination certificate as a mandatory digital document for access to bars, restaurants, nightclubs and events, which was supposed to be the Green Pass, has already been discontinued before it has even started, reports Report24. Earlier, courts in Andalusia and Cantabria had also ruled against it. So, unfortunately, Spain is one of the few EU countries that will not fully adopt the Green Pass. In France, the population is still on the barricades, in Italy – where enraged citizens have even burned green passports in protest – similarly.

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It now remains to be seen whether the government in Madrid will find a way to make national implementation mandatory after all. As long as this does not happen, freedom-loving citizens and advocates of self-determination and proportionality of government health regulations can breathe a sigh of relief.

Germany and Austria on a totally different course

In Germany, administrative malpractice, government failure, and lagging digitalization are still protecting the population from the mandatory introduction of the new vaccination passport, without which supposedly “immune” and core healthy people would no longer be allowed to go about their daily lives. Pharmacies and general practitioners may offer a QR code as a digital vaccination certificate – for example, for travel abroad – but that is still a long way from the standardized digital idea of the “green pass” – especially since the stricter control rules that exclude unvaccinated people will not come into effect until the fall.

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