Covid-19 Facts Not Fear – What the mainstream media are NOT reporting

This isĀ  about our freedom being slowly taken away

Thousands of jobs are being destroyed, cancer screenings cancelled, families and individuals are being put under enormous stress and lonelyness and suicide rates are rocketing
1. Over 99+% of people recover from Covid

The risk of death from Covid for the healthy general population of school and working age is comparable to a daily car ride to work. The mortality rate is only 0.1-0.5%, similar to a bad season flu. For most people Covid is NOT deadly.

2. Most people diagnosed have NO or very mild symptoms

Most so-called Covid “cases” or “infections” are actually healthy people who do not requiere any treatment or hospitalisation.

3. The Covid PCR test is notoriously unreliable

Up to 90% of reported “Covid positive”cases are actually inaccurate “false positives”. The inventor of the PCR, Dr. Kary Mullis said it was never designed to be used for diagnosing any illness. Courts in Portugal and Germany have ruled that the PCR test is not a reliable test for Covid. Faulty PCR testing means massive numbers of healthy people are being falsely diagnosed as being “infected”. The more flawed Covid testing is done, the more false “cases” are being reported and sensasionalised by the media.

4. Legal action is being taken against the WHO for fraud

An international alliance of medical doctors, scientists and lawyers is taking legal action against the World health Organisation for gross medical negligence for using flawed PCR tests, promoting unnecessary fear and causing massive social, economic and medical harm trough lockdowns.

5. Lockdowns are unnecessary and harmful to health

Thousands of jobs are being destroyed, cancer screenings cancelled, families and individuals are being put under enormous stress and lonelyness and suicide rates are rocketing. Lockdowns are far worse than the disease. Countries like Sweden and Japan have not imposed lockdowns and people live as normal.

6. Wearing masks is unnecessary and unhealthy

Facemasks do NOT protect anyone against ANY virus. To prevent a virus infection, you need to wear a fully sealed hazmat suit. However, wearing facemasks for any extended periods makes you MORE likely to become ill. Reducing oxygen intake and inhaling waste air and bacteria, puts you at far greater risk of respiratory infections and gum disease. As a result, countries such as Sweden do not requiere people to wear masks. Masks are only being used for political reasons to promote the fear needed to push compulsory experimental vaccines.

7. Boosting natural immunity in being deliberately ignored

Natural immunity is the most important defence we all have. But there are no profits in natural immunity for the powerful pharmaceutical lobby. That is why boosting natural immunity is being deliberately ignored but hugely profitable experimental vaccines with no legal liability for manufacturers are promoted instead. There are also proven, safe and low cost Covid treatments available for anyone with severe symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors who speak out are being silenced. At the same time, Public Health Organisations are paying medical staff to do more faulty tests and bonus payments for carrying out vaccinations. But internationally, thousands of doctors are speaking out.

8. What else can you do? Research, open your eyes

Come to one of the freedom marches, listen to the guest speakers, stand at the back, and just observe. You can wear your mask, this is not anti-mask it’s about our freedom being slowly taken away. Now it’s time to wake up and start asking questions! Research unbiased media! Dolores Cahill, Dr. Vernon Coleman, Del Bigtree, World Doctors Alliance, Dr. Wakefield, watch Plandemic movie.

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