Father Robert Altier exposes the lies behind the pandemic – “We have been lied to. We have been lied to in a huge way”

This sermon Robert preached last September so it is somewhat dated but not less interesting.

‘We have been lied to. We have been lied to tremendously,” began the Rev. Robert Altier of the Church of St. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota.
The priest spoke for nearly 20 minutes about the coronavirus and lashed out at the total craziness surrounding it.

Altier said the virus was developed and its effects were blown out of proportion.

“The work was started in a lab in North Carolina, then they shipped it to China to finish the work and then it was released so people would get sick.”

In his sermon, he says he would not trust a possible Covid-19 vaccine and there is only one way to administer a vaccine to him:
“If they arrest me, stop me and force it on me.”