Watch: Ernst Wolff – Why we are going to win this

It’s just a matter of time and then the whole house of cards falls apart. Great presentation by this speaker.

For German speakers there’s a high resolution version on the satanic Youtube, and here’s a Dutch subtitled version on Rumble.


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1 thought on “Watch: Ernst Wolff – Why we are going to win this

  1. What an excellent talk that flows from a powerful, rational mind. And yes, cowards are at work in hopes of tricking the ignorant–which must be understood by fans blinded by those controlling, virtual opinion leaders. These same people who depend on u are really not ur friend, but rather disrespectful and willing to say anything to manipulate your behavior.

    Klause and co pride themselves on being talent scouts to find Young Global Leaders who check the boxes of greatest milage for the masses. To this group, to act and look like a leader is all that they need and a true leader is far too opinionated and too concerned about truth to follow directions

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