Watch: “Update from Israel”, Ilana Rachel on the booster that does work….

Ilana Rachel gives an update from Jerusalem but no “outcry” this time.

Six months ago Ilana Rachel was interviewed from Jerusalem.
The video went viral and her “outcry to the world from Israel” reached over 1.6 million people.

It concerns a booster. A moral booster that gives us strength and calls us not to give up and to keep believing in a future. A future that can only come about if you and I are strong. Acting from love, remaining empathetic but also vigilant and alert.

Universal power

Ilana’s message is an appeal to our spirituality that has nothing to do with religion or belief in a prophet. Ilana speaks of a God but don’t bother with that if you are an atheist or if you follow a different faith. God in this is nothing but a metaphor for the universal force that we are together. So the video is primarily an appeal to that universal power that resides in all of us to let our inner compass set the course. And there is nothing woolly about that…because if you listen carefully to your feelings you know very well which way is the right way.


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3 thoughts on “Watch: “Update from Israel”, Ilana Rachel on the booster that does work….

  1. Thank you Ileana. When I cried and prayed at the women’s side of the Western Wall for my family and other world concerns…I had no idea why I cried so deeply, for a time as this was coming… that was 1988. I now understand the gut wrenching ( which I did silently in that public place) I felt was overwhelming me. My heart resonates with your speaking on this video. Pls view ( any reader) my Graphite drawing series of Women Who Pray on my website. The drawings come out of my heart for Israel and they are *actual* depictions of various women at the Wall. I bought the license to draw similar to those in photos from Israel Images. Shalom and yes we all serve the same God eternal whoever who truly worships Him…

  2. Bless you LLana. I just happened upon your declaration. I will make sure many hear it! Mrs Phillips, USA

  3. Video is so fake, 08 seconds in, in slow motion or pause mode you can see smoke stream completely disconnected from the person’s head. An obvious photo shop con-job. First half begins at some kind of rave party/dance with actors experiencing difficulties from something but the fake smoke was then added to these obviously drugged individuals. Then it switches to some kind of after the event Chinese death episode with bodies scattered around expect us to believe the two events are the same only before and after. This appears to be some kind of gag video.

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