Hundreds of climate scientists demand immediate halt to Bill Gates’ genocidal ‘solar dimming’ project

One of humanity’s most important life sources, the sun, is under attack by genocidal maniac Bill Gates, who wants to artificially “dim” it with chemicals to stop “global warming. A growing cohort of scientists, however, says no.

The Calgary-based Friends of Science Society has issued a press release calling on Harvard University to stop working with Gates to “chemtrail” the air in an effort to keep the sun out. This poses serious atmospheric risks, not to mention unintended consequences that could result in an extinction-level event (ELE).

Researchers Roger Pielke Jr. and Justin Ritchie found that Gates’ projections are all wrong to begin with and that there is no climate emergency. Further, the originator of the project to blow chemicals into the air, Prof. David Keith, has openly admitted that “millions will die” from the experiment.

Since Gates is the same billionaire “philanthropist” who claims to care about the thousands of people who supposedly died from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), hence his push for mass vaccination, it defies logic that he would now want death for thousands more by dimming sunlight.

“ Geoengineering for solar dimming would inject sulfur dioxide particles into the atmosphere, creating a man-made ‘cloud’ to dim the incoming warming effect of the sun, to counteract man-made global warming, which Bill Gates says is a ‘climate disaster’ in the title of his forthcoming book, ” reads the press release.

Once “solar dimming” takes place, this can never be reversed

An online Friends of Science Society event took place on January 19, featuring NASA award-winning scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, who gave a talk on “The main reasons why there is no climate emergency.”

More than 900 scientists and scholars who have joined the CLINTEL World Climate Declaration agree that there is no such thing as a “climate emergency,” and claims to the contrary are nonsense.

Even climate scientists who believe in global warming are speaking out against “dimming the sun,” warning that it is “contrived” and will have a far more catastrophic impact on the planet than “warming” ever could. This is on top of the fact that such a project is fraught with ethical and moral dilemmas that can never be adequately resolved.

“‘Solar dimming’ would replicate some of the effects of large volcanic explosions, which often have devastating effects on crop yields,” the press release further explains. “As noted in Garnett et al:” The most severe impact of extremely low temperatures on spring wheat (on the Canadian prairies) came in 1992 and 1993 after the 1991 Pinatubo volcanic eruption. ”

“Summer temperatures were 2°C below normal, resulting in a record low prairie protein content of 12% … 75% of the spring wheat crop fell into the bottom two classes of #3 Canadian Western Spring Wheat…”

In other words, if solar activity naturally weakens, adding to it with artificial “dimming” would have some catastrophic impact on the world’s food production capacity.

The fact that Bill Gates is now the largest agricultural landowner in the United States only adds to the credible speculation that this maniacal psychopath really wants to depopulate the planet, in part by depriving people of access to food.

Unless stopped, Gates’ “solar dimming” project cannot be reversed. Once these chemicals are shot into the air, that’s it: they will stay there indefinitely and cannot be removed, resulting in a real climate crisis of epic proportions.



4 thoughts on “Hundreds of climate scientists demand immediate halt to Bill Gates’ genocidal ‘solar dimming’ project

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