Pilot opens up book: ‘The jab has completely destroyed my life’

Last year, 34-year-old American pilot Cody Flint, like many others, took the Pfizer shot. He waited 48 hours, took to the air, but soon noticed that something was not right. He developed severe headaches. “Like a bomb exploded in my head,” he says.

He couldn’t move his arms and legs properly and even fainted. It’s a miracle he managed to get his plane on the ground. In any case, he can’t remember how he managed it.

This has turned my whole life upside down

Flint also suffers from increased intracranial pressure, the pressure within the skull. In addition, fluid is leaking into his skull. He may never be able to fly again.

“The puncture has completely destroyed my life,” Flint said on the Stew Peters Show. He often feels dizzy and giddy. When he drives out of his yard, he has to stop at the very end of the driveway to take a break. “It can happen 10 times a day, but it can also happen 50 times a day. This has turned my whole life upside down.”

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Dumbest mistake

The pilot also said that Pfizer spent 20 years trying to make the mRNA vaccine safe. “But it killed every animal they put it in. Yet they were able to perfect it in eight months? Don’t make me laugh.”

When asked why he took the shot, Flint replied, “I was gullible, I was naive. Stupidest mistake of my life.”

He went on to say that dozens, possibly more than 100 airline pilots died right after the prick. “Thousands and thousands are suffering from side effects, but are afraid to speak out.”

Source: Ninefornews

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