Good news from Austria. In case of mandatory vaccination never pay the fine but challenge it legally.

That can take a very long time and in the meantime you cannot be prosecuted. It takes so long that the government has long fallen.

The Austrian National Council passed the controversial compulsory vaccination law despite all the criticism. 137 MPs from the ÖVP, Greens, SPÖ and NEOS voted in favor. However: This will not break the resistance against compulsory vaccination. In addition to the FPÖ, it is above all the MFG that will use all available means to bring down the unjust law.

MFG chairman Dr. Michael Brunner announced today at a press conference regarding the compulsory vaccination law: “It will topple and at the latest at this point the government will also topple.”

He explains, “A flood of complaints is to be expected, which will no longer be manageable by authorities and courts. In any case, we expect a bureaucracy lockdown in Austria.” The umbrella organization of administrative judges had previously warned the government about this very scenario in a statement – but they were ignored. According to MFG, a team of lawyers is now working on legal recommendations for action and sample submissions for authorities and courts, which will be made available to the public as a download to be used in penalty orders and penalty notices.

Speaking to OE24, Dr. Brunner elaborated on the further procedure on the part of the party and explained how citizens can defend themselves:


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