The metaphysical roots of the Ukraine conflict

With all due respect to all dissenters, I think most people are misjudging the situation with Ukraine: those who do not make the metaphysical analysis cannot actually claim to understand what Putin is doing. I also have my reservations about the man, but the caricature that is made of him is downright laughable. He is not crazy, he is not vindictive, he does not even use gratuitous violence. YES, this is my point of view, and before you leave this channel: please read the following.

By Brecht Arnaert – Putin is a man who does not just think two or three steps ahead, but five, and he is assisted in his strategic thinking by Patriarch Kiril. Do not underestimate that man. Solshenitzyn was a personal friend of his, and he knows very well who the enemy is – international Zionism, which is basically Satanism – and how its supporters operate. Just assume that the invasion of Ukraine was prepared not just months, but YEARS in advance.

I predict you: Putin will win this with his fingers in his nose, and soon you will see him calling elections in Ukraine – and then real-democratic, not CIA-democratic. Next step are association treaties with Belarus and Ukraine, bringing the Russian Space closer to Europe. For Putin’s ultimate dream is not to re-establish the Soviet Union, nor to create a Greater Russia. That is all nonsense. What he wants is to be a full part of Europe, but a Christian Europe, and not the Decadent West that has been unfolding under the influence of the Zionist-controlled US since WWI.

Never forget that the Russian Revolution was NOT Russian, but Zionist. Kerensky was a traitor, and brought in Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) from NY. Who lived in the Bronx. Read “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” by Anthony Sutton (1) and Juri Lina’s “Under The Sign of the Scorpion” (2) about that and all will become clear to you. Peter the Great was the most powerful Christian monarch in the world, and that was a thorn in the side of the Zionists, because they are the descendants, NOT of the original Jews, but of the Khazars, who were put on hold by the Kiev Rus – the original Russian tribe, who were Vikings.

So those Khazars (carefully kept out of history) were NOT Jews, but a Turkic tribe who controlled the Caucasus, mainly by raiding caravans running from Italy to China (the Silk Road) and from Scandinavia to the Arabian Peninsula.

They specialized in … hold on … identity theft: they did not merely raid the caravans, but then put on the clothes of the raided persons, and went to the destination WITH the bills of exchange in hand, after which they also raided and robbed the trading partners. The overpowered traders were then sold as slaves.

The word slave, by the way, comes from the fact that most of those sold into captivity were of Slavic origin. And that was a thorn in the side of the Kiev Rus, the originally Semitic tribe that, together with the Dan tribe, sailed up the Danube (Dan-ube, Dan-upwards) but stopped in Ukraine, while the Dan tribe sailed on to Dan-emarken or still: the Mark of Dan. (A Mark is a predecessor of a county, so was Antwerp once a Mark county)

The Tribe-Dan sees itself as the heir of all the brothers who have been wronged in the history of the Bible: Cain, Ham, Esau, you name it. The dark element, the victim. But meanwhile, they are SELF perpetrators, which is typical. They are the cruelest elements in the world, and do not shrink from pulling the rottenest prank. Shakespeare (who is essentially Francis Bacon, with around him 12 authors who called themselves the Society of the Helmet, after Pallas Athena, who is invisible when she has her helmet on) already spoke of it: “Something is Rotten in The State of Denmark”.

What happened next? The Tribe-Russians, if we may call them that, were tired of their fellow tribesmen being constantly sold as slaves, and made short work of it: their capital, Itil, was reduced to ashes by Sviatoslav I. It was he who stopped the Slave Trade (that is: the trade in people of the Slavic people), and also their deeply Satanic practices, such as the rape and sacrifice of children. They were worshippers of the Mammon, which is one of the avatars of the Devil. That happened in the tenth century.

But before that, something very important happened: the Khazars converted en masse to Judaism in the year 843, under the influence of King Bulan. At once, there were 2 million “Jews,” but that was just an appearance: they did NOT follow the Torah, but the Talmud, which is not the same thing. It would lead me too far, but the essence is that they are therefore not Semites, but Turks. Read “The Thirtheenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler (3). You know that book tells the truth, because he was thanked for it with a double suicide in his apartment in London.

The point is: Kiril knows all that, and especially since Solshenitzyn wrote a book about it. “200 Years Together” (4). In it he describes by name how 85% of the Checka (the Soviet secret service) were Zionist “Jews” (Turks) who carried out the greatest atrocities on the Ukrainian population, which was thoroughly Christian: and were seen as the descendants of Shem. Shem, who was the son of Noah, alongside Ham and Japeth. If you really want to understand the conflict, you have to go back that far. On that subject, read “The Curse of Canaan” by Eustace Mullins: the best book in the subject. (5)

After Russia itself, namely, the Ukraine was the second Christian bastion to be broken up. And after that it only went further downhill: France had to be destroyed, then Germany, then the rest of the world. GB they had already conquered in 1694, and was their base of operations. Why? Because the Danes (i.e., actually, the Tribe Dan) married into the British nobility. The word “British,” by the way, comes from the Hebrew Brith, meaning covenant. GB is the most Zionist country in the world, and is responsible for founding both the US (lever) and Israel (goal).

So this conflict has very old, even metaphysical roots. If you want to know more about that, then you should definitely read Robin de Ruiter’s “Thirteen Satanic Bloodlines” (6), so that you understand that this is not about the expansion eastward of the Navo an sich, or Ukraine an sich, but about restoring Christianity to the decadent West. Read Dugin, “The Fourth Political Theory” (7), those authors. Without metaphysical analysis you will get nowhere, and you will also make the wrong investment decisions.

I was 100% sure that Putin would invade Ukraine: making Kiev the capital again is his mission. Yesterday, now and tomorrow. And he will most likely make his move home. Few people know that it was even prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, in October 1917, just when the greatest atrocities were being committed against Christians in Russia. Read about that “God and the Sun at Fatima” by Stanley L. Jaki. (8) Our Lady revealed that the Renaissance of the Faith would come from Russia, and Putin knows this too well.

It is unfortunate for the Ukrainian soldiers who are now dying, but had they done their analysis better, it would not even have been necessary. Evil always tempts us with superficial gain, however, and finaly it turns out that you die and lead for nothing – literally nothing – Western nihilism. Putin sees through that nihilism, and is on a divine mission to put something in its place. Don’t underestimate how religious that man is. Nothing can stop him, and the West hasn’t even realized it yet. I have seen it very often on my travels in the East: the average cab driver in Bulgaria knows more than a Professor of History at UGent.

War is always a pity, but it was not started in 2022 and certainly not by Putin. It was started in 2014 by the USA, which is a hand puppet of the City of London, which is a hand puppet of International Zionism, who in all their endeavors want to serve the Empire of Satan. A final book you should definitely get behind is “The Grand Chess Board” by Zbigniew Brzezinski (9).

And so, ironically, you can only understand this situation if you think in terms of the Matruska puppets: nothing is what it seems, and every conflict has many layers. But it is only at the deepest, metaphysical layer, that you can see this conflict for what it is: a struggle of Good against Evil. A struggle that, in modern terms, began in 1535. You can read more about that in “The Servile State” by Hilaire Belloc (10)

To all the critics I say in advance: anyone who has not read those ten books I quote above simply cannot be considered a serious interlocutor. I don’t care about today’s journalism, which probably doesn’t know any of these books. Therefore, I am not going to get involved in debates on their level. But those who want to do serious study who know what done.

Meanwhile there are more important things, such as the threat to our freedom by our own politicians, who now want to divert attention from their own dictatorial plans by pointing at a man who in 20 years time has brought Russia out of the doldrums as no leader before him ever did. And let us not forget what he did for the Christians in Syria. Without him there would simply be none left.

God’s Speed!

Brecht Arnaert on Telegram

(translated from Dutch)

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