President Trump Full Farewell Speech at Joint Base Andrews Sendoff 1/20/21

Few viewer comments

“The emotion in the reporters voice represents the feeling of so many Americans today. Thankyou and God Bless you President Trump.”

“When the outgoing President has 10 times more interest shown by Americans,than the incoming injection.”

“They’re not after me. They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in the way.” Donald J Trump. He’ll be back. The heart never lies.”

“President Trump’s achievements should never get into the hands of the wrong people. .. May the Great Grace of Our Eternal Lord keep President Trump safe to guide guard and govern.”

“I’m going to be honest, my heart is broken. To see a duly elected President removed from office when he clearly won. I pray for them. His sons look so heartbroken and that’s a sign that it’s truly over. Welcome to Florida Mr. President!”

“I will miss having a strong leader for our country. We must stand firm together for our beliefs and our freedoms or they will be gone forever. We cannot let our children down. Pray hard America!”

“I’m so upset as American. They have disabled all videos comments on the Biden videos.. people need to wake up. Love you President Trump”

“Even at 77 years of age I could not contain my emotions when the PRESIDENT and First LADY got to the top of those stairs…my eyes welled up! That man led his mere handful of supportive workers to truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in spite of being treated, on an every day basis, in enormously disrespectful ways. I am ashamed of each and every one of those vile persons…they do not deserve to be called Americans!!!”

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