Beyond The Veil – Analysis & Comments on the China Biden Installation

Few viewer comments to this video

“This whole thing has become so surreal I just can’t believe any of it. The matrix can’t support itself it has become the snake eating its own tail until there is no thing left. Give it an honorable death and know all things must go through the process of life death and rebirth. We will see the return of the Jedi again only much stronger.”

“This is a sad day, for the world I agree it’s a sham. Praying the light wins through God knows we need some sunshine after 2020 and then this. Love and support from the U.K.”

“It’s very telling that Kamala wore a purple suit today…stating her position with false royalty on the team of the cabal.”

“I was right the whole time, they sold you the illusion of hope with a nothingburger entree, but what do you expect? They have been planning this for generations, they finally have the tech to make anyone believe anything, the people collecting in gods name for the last 2000 years are ready to make their book come true enough to convince more than enough people to drag the whole of humanity.”

“Donald’s last address and melanias goodby has been taken down from the whitehouse YouTube channel. Did anyone keep a recording of it because the MSM are not showing the full version down.”

“Keep the faith everything’s going to be all right.”

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