The Castle Rock Media Event – Starring China Joe

More and more evidence is being dug up from social media that this new administration is fake. Biden is not the president of the United States.

He was falsy elected to a failed dissolved corporate shell, Trump is the president of the real Republic. The inauguration that the media presented to us was nothing but a pre-recorded Hollywood-style impression.



If you look closely at the inauguration, you will see that some of it is real footage from outside and some is pre-recorded, this was put together and broadcast by international television stations as if it were a live event. Charlie Ward, who lives in Spain, said he got the video of the inauguration around 1 a.m. on January 20, 2021, which was hours before the real inauguration, if there was a real one.

Biden addressing the country comes from a fake Oval Office that is actually a movie set. The featured image of the set is from a tweet from the Diplomatic Service of Germany. This Oval Office set is from Castle Rock Pictures, which built an elaborate White House set in Los Angeles for the 1995 film “The American President.” The Castle Rock Oval Office has since been used for Disney’s “Nixon” and 20th Century Fox’s “Independence Day.”

The American people were at best virtual participants in today’s inaugural.

It was a purely staged media event for the elite.

All other Americans were invited to watch from afar, very afar.

FAKE: Biden sworn in as ‘president’

Biden is not given intelligence briefings and he has no authority to issue executive orders. He is also told not to set foot in the Pentagon. Presumably, he is president of the dissolved Corporation of America. He does have some authority to sign civilian contracts, but the military is in complete control and Biden could be arrested at any time.

Joe Biden Denied Government Aircraft






17 thoughts on “The Castle Rock Media Event – Starring China Joe

    1. He may not be.. but look what hes doing. So it makes no difference. He’s still ruining America! So makes no difference if he isn’t! Nobody is stopping him.!

  1. Check Reuters website how desperately they are trying to cover this fact!! Only stupid would not realise reading Reuters. This is crazy. Beijing Biden is the president of the basement!!

      1. That’s a fact. I’m finishing up my 30 days in Fakebook jail for telling the uncomfortable truth. Hurry up and get President Trump back so we can get to REAL life!! After my sentence, I wonder how long it will be until I get kicked off again 😉

    1. He is very much a part of what is going on behind the scenes whether you like him or not.

  2. The trickery of the deep state . I trust the American Peoples wake up to how the country;s functioning has been destructively manipulated in the past several years to present day.

  3. UTTER NON SENSE. Shame on you for polluting the barely manageable space of find out what the F is going on with pure fake news. Biden 2010 vs Biden 2020 – genius………

  4. As i was finishing up my 30 days …fb disabled my account.. So i had created an alternate the last 10 day suspension… I use 2 phones so they receive different ip addresses..but have the phones bluetoothed..
    They went back a year on a meme they suspended me for back then…
    As to Biden…. They are using AI of him now all the time . Dems wont remove him because if diagnosed Alzheimer’s.. It will void anything he has signed…

  5. From the Netherlands: shocked abouth the deep silence in the media abouth protests worldwide, the real number of deaths kept secret, our Prime minister who listens to WEF and not the people, 50% of the farmers have to give up their property to government. The prices of energy, gas and food are rising so fast, the large companies making more profit than ever before. Large amounts of money is given to ukraine afganistan and warfare but people here cant pay their bills anymore.
    The government is already trying to take freedom rights away from us and the future is getting darker.

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