PCR test is fake – Interview with Lawyer Reiner Füllmich

Over 1.5 million people watched the Reiner Füllmich video about a class action lawsuit against the corona measures, before YouTube took it down. In that video Reiner explains why the corona measures are to be considered the biggest crime against humanity that ever was, and what he is planning to do about it. In this follow-up interview with Rico Brouwer of the Dutch Potkaars podcast Reiner goes into detail about the lawsuits in Germany, Canada and the US and how citizens of the world may join in possibly the largest class action lawsuit that ever was.

https://www.fuellmich.com/ website of Reiner Fuellmich
https://www.corona-schadensersatzklag… action for damages. Class action lawsuit


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3 Responses

  1. amnesy international says:

    The pcr test is a fraud. We knew it. However, instead of suing his own dictatorship, merkel’s stasi regime, Fuellmich (fullme in English) sues ‘fact-checkers’ and says if he wins it will prove the PCR test is a fraud….

    What kind of distorted logic is that?

    The Human Rights Declaration of 1948 and the Nuremberg and Rome charters are clear:

    All the governments forcing masks, curfews, lockdowns, testing, and soon vaccines on citizens are guilty of crimes against humanity.

    There Mr Fullme should sue his ‘government’ for crimes against humanity on thses grounds.

    Two jurisdictions can take it further: the EU Human right body (most likely corrupt and controlled by the likes of Soros) or the ICC who judged crimes committed in Rwanda, Serbia and so on…

    What is he wating for?

    What all these lawyers are waiting for since one year?

    Because, when tehy’ll have vaccinated everyone with their DNA altering poisons, it will be too late…

    QUESTION IS: Fullmich, false opposition?

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