Famous Austrian philosopher predicted a vaccine blocking spirituality century ago

Rudolf Steiner: An important sign that humanity has been taken over by dark forces is when “all their lives they will believe only in the physical world which they can perceive with their senses.

Many people, regardless of creed, origin or belief, experience that humanity has entered into an unprecedented multidimensional spiritual war. A war that in fact has always been there, but is now accelerating to an absolute climax. Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher who published numerous books on science and spirituality. Steiner saw a great danger in the rise of vaccinations, and predicted that some day in the future a vaccine would be developed that would permanently cut people off from their spiritual abilities. Or in other words, from contact with the divine, with God, with the Light. This is exactly what I have suggested many times in articles about the underlying real purpose of the Covid-19 gene therapy injections.

Steiner saw the human body as a tool of the spirit, a spiritual “vessel” – we might now say “avatar” – over which other spiritual entities can exert great influence. The most important thing to be able to resist these negative forces, according to Steiner, is the awareness that these forces exist and are active. People who deny this are, in his view, like “a leaf in their wind,” and are pushed in their thinking and feeling in all directions that these forces desire.

Lack of spirituality attracts hostile spirits

‘The spirits of darkness are now among us,’ he wrote. ‘We must be vigilant so that we realize what will happen if we encounter them, and get a real idea of where they can be found. The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future is to unconsciously surrender yourself to these influences, which are absolutely present.’

If people give room to their built-in need to develop spiritually, they will eventually free themselves from fear and anxiety, and thereby build up a kind of immunity against the influences of negative entities, Steiner thought. If not, our vibration attracts hostile spirits, and we unconsciously fall prey to their influence.

(Incidentally, also consciously: people with a very high vibration act as a kind of ‘magnets’ for these negative parasitic forces, because a lot of spiritual power can be stolen from them, and also because these ‘high-vibration’ people are a potentially great danger to the dark rulers of this world (Evil, Satan / Lucifer, the devil, etc.).

Darkness feeds on fear

These dark forces feed on fear, despair, anxiety, depression, feelings of helplessness and superstition, which is exactly why unprecedented numbers of these feelings and emotions have been deliberately unleashed and promoted worldwide since 2020 with the corona / Covid planemic.

The majority of humanity has been prepared for this step-by-step for decades by the one-sided emphasis on materialism and consumerism, fed by the lie that there are no spiritual dimensions, only the visible and tangible world is ‘real’ and important, and you therefore have to get ‘the maximum’ out of it for yourself (in the sense of amassing as much power, money and status as possible).

This has created a ‘I want it and I want it now, because after this there is nothing more’ mentality, which became an ever-widening gateway for the even more negative forces that are now taking over humanity, which is becoming spiritually sicker and sicker.

This resulted last year in total fear of losing ‘this one life’ prematurely, and therefore a blind docility and defeatist obedience to the most absurd, anti-social, anti-scientific and above all anti-human government measures, culminating in having highly controversial experimental injections injected, which in the West alone have already killed tens of thousands of people.

Desire for ‘perfect social order’ cause of much misery

About 100 years ago Rudolf Steiner wrote 14 essays under the title ‘The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness’. In it he warned future generations against mass control measures such as those later described by George Orwell (‘1984’) and Aldous Huxley (‘Brave New World’), and which in our time are being pushed through worldwide in an unprecedented sinister way.

In his 1917 lectures, he spoke of the complex spiritual forces behind the outbreak of World War I, which was then drawing to a close. One of the greatest causes of that conflict, in his view, was the historical urge of people to create a “perfect social order” and impose it on others, resulting time and again in just more division and conflict.

According to Steiner, humanity had fallen asleep to the fact that dark (‘fallen’) spirits had become enormously active on our planet, exerting very great influence on human thinking and the perception we have of others, this world and this life.

Materialism, centralization and oppression

Steiner therefore foresaw a future in which humanity would fall deeper and deeper into materialism and the centralization of (world) power (the UN, EU, WHO, WEF, IMF, BIS bank, etc. did not exist then). New technologies would be developed to control, direct and oppress people. Eventually, according to him, this was going to lead to the development of vaccines that will completely block the spiritual abilities and the natural inclination towards spirituality in people.

(As you know, belief in higher spiritual powers is the greatest enemy of both communism and liberalism. Of communism, because this ideology regards government as the only absolute power and therefore does not tolerate any contradiction. Of liberalism, because it sees man as little more than an evolved beast, and therefore you can give in to any inclination because you will never have to account for it anyway. Not for nothing did the liberals in the 70s and 80s work to legalize child sex and animal sex, and just a few years ago in Sweden to lift the ban on necrophilia).

‘Vaccinated against spirituality’

‘I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts in which they will make their home to find a vaccine that will drive all tendencies (/ predispositions) to spirituality out of the souls of men. This will happen when they are still very young, and in a way that will encompass the entire living body. Now, bodies are vaccinated against this or that; in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that will be able to be produced absolutely and make them immune, so that they will no longer exhibit ‘stupid’ tendencies to connect with the spiritual world. ‘Stupid’ in the eyes of the materialists, of course.’

‘Eventually, a way will be found to vaccinate bodies so that no more spiritual inclinations and ideas can develop in them. These people will spend their whole lives believing only in the physical world that they can perceive with their senses… This is just one specific characteristic example of many things in the near and somewhat further future, (of) the goal of causing the demise in the (spiritual) impulses (of people)’ by ‘fallen’ dark forces that want to make the earth and humanity, their permanent home and domain. (1)

Then Steiner was only talking about vaccines. Of course, he could not say anything about the very far-reaching, devastating influence of Hollywood, Big Pharma medicine, violent games, certain types of music and Big Tech / social media on the thinking and morality of billions of people a century ago.

Total Mind Control versus the Free Spirit

The opposite of Rudolf ‘free mind’ Steiner has become one of the most influential and powerful men in the world in recent years: Klaus ‘total mind control’ Schwab, whose ‘Great Reset’ in our own country finds convinced followers in Sigrid Kaag and Mark Rutte in particular.


Klaus Schwab

‘Neurotechnologies enable us to better influence consciousness and thought, and to understand many actives of the brain, including deciphering in detail what we think. (That can be done) by new chemicals and interventions that affect our brains to correct errors or increase functionality.

The lines between technologies and (living) beings are blurring, and not just through the ability to create life like robots or synthetics. Instead, it is about new technologies that literally become a part of us. Technologies that are already affecting how we understand ourselves, how we think about each other, and how we define our realities.

As these technologies give us deeper access to parts of ourselves, we can begin to integrate digital technologies into our bodies.

Rudolf Steiner

Our highest aspiration should be the development of free human beings, capable of giving their own lives purpose and direction.

Three forces, namely the imagination, sense of truth and sense of responsibility, form the proper basis of education (/ healthy human development).

Being free means being able to think your own thoughts, not those of the body or society, but thoughts generated by one’s deepest, most original and most essential spiritual self, one’s individuality.

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