Dr. Carrie Madej on the global transhumanist takeover plan & a message of hope

On June 18, Dr. Carrie Madej gave a comprehensive speech on the global transhumanist takeover plan at the Reawaken America Tour held in Tampa, Florida, America.

Dr. Carrie Madej is now known among many alternative media followers for her Human 2.0 (whistleblower) video from over a year ago. In it she warns of the experimental gene therapy and nanotechnology contained in the Covid-19 vaccines that will lead humanity to transhumanism. Based on this video, a 12-part documentary was created by Avalerion Awakes (a channel with a scientific molecular biology background) that delves deeper into Dr. Madej’s claims and backs them up with over 200 sources accessible to viewers for further research.

Dr. Carrie Madej is a medical intern specialist and has her own practice in McDonough, Georgia. She has been studying vaccines for at least 20 years. During her speech on the Reawaken America Tour, Dr. Madej describes the business meetings of scientific and industrial companies that discussed their plans for transhumanism there, for which she was recruited, years before the corona era. She tells how she sees the plans of those days now unfolding before her eyes around the world. She warns about the content of genetic vaccines, the implications of possible changes to our human genome and the many side effects that have already been documented. And that despite all these risks, vaccines continue to be pushed hard under indirect coercion. She talks about a spiritual battle between good and evil and also gives a message of hope and love which for her are rooted in the Christian faith but are universal.

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