Did Rockefeller create the artificial scarcity of oil?

Col Fletcher Prouty explains how oil was falsely labeled a “fossil fuel” in 1892 and how that deception was further developed by Kissinger and Rockefeller in the 1970s.

Prouty also explains that Nixon/Kissinger/Rockefeller sought a “world oil price.” That effort created what many now call the “Petrodollar,” and the consequences of that mistake are still playing out across the planet today. Both Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Gaddafi were stopped (killed) when they tried to sell oil in 1) Euros or 2) Dinars.

Colonel Prouty spent 9 of his 23-year military career in the Pentagon (1955-1964): 2 years with the Secretary of Defense, 2 years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and 5 years with U.S. Air Force Headquarters. In 1955, he was appointed the first “Focal Point” officer between the CIA and the Air Force for clandestine operations under National Security Council Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Oil was first designated as a lubricant, everything changed when it was found to be a fuel because it became a value. The price of oil was a problem because, as a natural resource, it was abundant and, in many cases, not very deep underground. Rockefeller and his partners decided that they needed to raise the price of oil and were determined to create the impression that oil was a scarce resource.

In 1892, a meeting was held in Geneva by a group of scientists to determine what an organic substance actually is. The outcome was that an organic thing consists of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, or a living thing, dead or alive. Rockefeller, in his unreliability, sent an entourage of scientists who persuaded the convention to accept oil as an organic substance. From this deception, the oil cartel was able to present oil as a scarce commodity to drive up and control the price of oil.

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2 thoughts on “Did Rockefeller create the artificial scarcity of oil?

  1. I remember the commercials on the TV about how the dinosaur gave his all for oil. At the time it made no sense on how this happened because if it were so, all living things would turn into oil. I was a kid, with a child’s logic.

  2. Great site btw. – happy to pin it.
    Now: I collect papers about natural, abiotic hydrocarbon deposits on earth and other celestial bodies – this stuff is abundantly in space wherever you look – but facts never made up enlightenment… Imagine a country with a sitting secretary of commerce pushing hard for “total decarbonisation” – literally his words. It’s saved for history but for now it feeds their echo chamber quite well.

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