What is graphene oxide and why is it in corona vaccines? ‘This is a nightmare out of all proportion’

Spanish researchers recently discovered that Pfizer’s and AstraZeneca’s “corona vaccines” are largely made up of graphene oxide. What is graphene oxide and what does it do?

These are nanoparticles that get into the bloodstream and into every cell in your body, medical expert Jane Ruby explained on the Stew Peters Show. These particles damage the cell membrane, the protective barrier of a cell. “That’s very dangerous,” warned Dr. Ruby, referring to this study.

This material is not safe

The health economist pointed out that graphene oxide can lead to apoptosis, or programmed cell death. That means the cells destroy themselves. Also, the nanoparticles cause oxidative stress. “This material is not safe,” he said.

The vaccine makers have not informed the public that there is graphene oxide in their corona vaccines. So you might wonder what else is in there. “This is a nightmare out of all proportion,” says Dr. Ruby.

It’s poison

Presenter Stew Peters added that the government itself says this is a toxic substance not fit for human consumption. “It’s poison. And that’s what’s in those pricks.”
The Spanish researchers also say that the material can cause erectile dysfunction and is harmful to sperm. They say this side effect is related to low zinc levels due to the presence of graphene oxide in the body.

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36 thoughts on “What is graphene oxide and why is it in corona vaccines? ‘This is a nightmare out of all proportion’

    1. Please understand how they use their months and dates…ya know like the military! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. Dumb ass it’s military/European style date. Liberals are always so uninformed about everything

  1. Graphene is the most conductive substance in the world.
    The research team broke through this limit by innovating the aspect of materials and structure of the device. Firstly, the team used graphene as the material for absorbing electromagnetic waves. Graphene has a very small electronic heat capacity, which signifies that even if little energy is absorbed, it causes a big temperature change. Microwave photons have very little energy, but if absorbed by graphene, they can cause considerable temperature rise. The problem is that the temperature increase in graphene cools down very quickly, making it difficult to measure the change

    This might explain why some footage of peoples heads going up in smoke in Israel and other wierd stuff is going on – its frightening

    1. Theres a far worse go issue .. it is one atom thick, sharper than any blade, its the cause of the internal bleeding.

      1. Please, how do you not know this? It`s called research. The NWO is real. You can`t even do your own research. Research Graphene Oxide in vaccines. See how easy that was? Research depopulation Agenda. Vaccines to stop you reproducing. Bill Gates tells you that is what they`re doing. Prince Philip comment, i want to come back as a deadly virus to depopulate the world. Eco 92 Earth charter. Deagel population forecast 2025.

  2. This stuff is bad and being sprayed into the atmosphere by jets, no such thing as a vapor trail those are chemicals deliberately injected. It will kill everything.

    1. This is true we lost over 60 bluegills this spring and a film of oil substance was floating on pond and pond turned black! Please pray to our heavenly creator for change.

  3. I justchad blood tests ran and graphene oxide was found in my blood in much higher levels than normal. I didn’t take the shots but have been exposed to people who did. I’m currently taking 2 separate protocols and chelation to get it out. We need someone to fight for us and against these shots. This has turned my life upside down.

    1. That is because the graphene is put in all sorts of things like food, especially. They are trying to sterilize and kill us off. I would bet that those behind this have not taken the real shots, rather saline. Funny how when analyzed, many of the lots had no titre of virus in them. Nothing standardized for virus. Therefore, one can only conclude that the main goal was to inject graphene and who knows what else directly into the body.

  4. I couldn’t believe they do that to us. It all makes me feel sick and the protocols are really complicated and expensive. Recently I found a affordable solution and I feel better every day.

      1. Leaf Source
        Look into it
        Contains humic and vulvic acids that carry bad metals out of the body.

  5. I couldn’t believe they do that to us. It all makes me feel sick and the protocols are really complicated and expensive. Recently I found a affordable solution and I feel better every day.

  6. There is no acceptable explanation for the presence of graphene oxide in the vaccine – it has absolutely no curative or preventative properties whatsoever. At a molecular level, graphene oxide in cells would be akin to gurgling glass shards in the throat – a similar result and the reason for the decline in sperm and egg production – no surprise.

  7. graphene oxyde converts human body in a walking antenna for surveillance. Any government will be happy having everybody under its radar.

  8. As I write this, a friend of a friend has accidentally found out that the software on his phone is picking up lots of unidentified signals. He wondered if it was people who’d had the jab, so is right now checking out neighbours. 3 neighbours on one side, 1 on the other- 3 signals on one side 1 on the other. 1 neighbour goes out=2 signals. Don’t know what the software is.
    Dreadful though this is, I know things will get better, though I give up trying to convince people.

  9. I have seen the term graphene oxide on the package of the Q-tips that are used to check to see if one has the virus in their body. I brought it to the attention of an ER nurse. Is that something to be concerned about? Has that term always been on the packages?

  10. The people on here that are in doubt, you need to wake up cause they are killing us This is not a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory it’s real and it’s happening now wake up people….

  11. What comes to mind when I see the word Graphene Oxide is the movie, “Terminator” when Arnold Schwarzenegger is an AI robot built from graphene remember how he & his opponent could melt down as a metal and regenerate by themselves….also the opponent could take over other people’s bodies? Yup….in plain sight. AI wants to take over the world. There’s always a little truth in Hollywood movies.

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