8 thoughts on “Watch: Urgent Warning For Humanity

  1. Having just watched your video I am totally overwhelmed. Surely there are some honest media outlets, some countries that care for their people and not money. The U.K. Is not one of them. We are small pockets of people who have not been vaccinated, and have been isolated from the majority who have, and as a consequence they don’t want to know. How do we overcome this?

  2. Bill Gates is pure evil along with the people and organisations he funds and bribes .I know what I’d like to do to this demon ..he is a sociopath!! I guess money is more important to them than human life after all they’ll be OK. Absolutely disgusted by this .someone please do something.

  3. All in here can help stop them the club 700 the Very rich Rockefeller UPLOAD greatreject.org to everyone not open but as answers to people on youtube one person can ad 10 those 10 can ad 100 you can reach a million so please upload when you can

  4. Thank you for the initiative against the crime against humanity. I am wholeheartedly with you. But may I have some clarifications ? Some of my known scientists/physicians/ good hearted friends claim that the percentage of adversely affected people taking anti-covid vaccine of Pfizer/ moderna / Astrazeneca / covaxin or any other kind — is too small to be considered at all seriously — in comparison to the percentage of the people with no adverse effect ! How should I argue against this “logic”?

    1. I just read last week a Doctor in the US took blood test of people that was vaccinated 62% had blood clots

      1. Above all keep your faith. Supporting a lie can and usually is very difficult and the more complex the lie the more complex it is to maintain. The truth (regardless of what that is ) will always be very simple to introduce and maintain.

      2. Wow 62% these are the things that need to be posted on the new Elon Musk run twitter. I can’t wait myself.

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