Doctor Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 vaccins are Weapons of Mass Destruction

Many readers love listening to the wise words of Doctor Vernon Coleman. Doctor Coleman is a very famous and wise physician in the United Kingdom and has written over 100 medical books.

Some time ago this wise man made a video in which he broke down in tears because of the suffering inflicted on humanity by the gene therapy experiment. He has now recorded and published a new, even more disturbing video. He says this is the most important video message he has ever made and published.

Here is a brief summary:

This vaccine/gene therapy that is being tried on humanity could well result in humanity being wiped out. The vaccine causes your immune system to be replaced by an artificial immune program. And that allows the virus to mutate into much more dangerous variants that the dna-modified body can do nothing about. Not only is this dangerous for anyone who has had this horror spray administered to them, but it is also life-threatening for the sensible people who have not had it done.

Watch Dr. Coleman’s impressive talk and please share it with everyone you know.



The previous video of Dr. Coleman

source: CommonSenseTV