After vaccination: Number of deaths in nursing homes explodes

And again a “conspiracy theory” of “Corona deniers” is confirmed: The vaccinations against the virus are dangerous.

This is not claimed by any “covidiots” but is proven by statistical data. In old people’s homes the death rate has dramatically multiplied in the weeks after the start of vaccination as the statistics below show.

This reports the magazine “Our Central Europe” with reference to figures of the Robert Koch Institute*. Further the magazine reports: “That seems to impress however the politicians and “experts” responsible for it little. These people claim that this has nothing to do with vaccinations – it’s all just coincidence. It is quite possible that soon it will be claimed that they all died of Corona because there was too little vaccination. The proverb “He who believes will be blessed” finds its practical confirmation here. Not always, but more and more often.

Comparison of Corona deaths in German nursing homes in the 80+ age group before (blue) and after (red) vaccination.

The statistics shown here are naturally incomplete. Cases, as published by our editors, for example, already on Jan. 24, 2021, i.e. 3 weeks after the start of the vaccinations, are not included there: “Vaccination deaths suddenly “Corona victims” – After 25% of the vaccinated died in retirement home”.

*Data basis: The numbers are original data from the RKI and have been collected via an API interface by an acquaintance of Jan-Peter Wöbking. He talked to him on the phone and is currently in contact with Prof. Hockertz and Prof. Bhakdi. The data collection is updated daily. It is only the tip of the iceberg.

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