Funeral director witnesses MASS MURDER by government

UK funeral director spills the truth about the covid hoax – Vaccine deaths skyrocket, delta variant is 100% vaccine deaths

Jon O’Looney opens up about what is going on in the UK – Outright Genocide based on lies.

This half hour interview is well worth listening to. In this interview, Jon O’Looney, director of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services states that over 50 funeral homes in the UK banded together to help each other handle “the massive onslaught of deaths” from Covid, only to have no increase in overall deaths. Instead they received normal deaths labeled as Covid, plus an enormous pile of people who were obviously murdered in “care homes” where they were given the specific drugs that are administered before being put on ventilators, while no ventilators were in the care homes to hook them up.

That means they were murdered in cold blood because the drugs stop your breathing so a ventilator can take over. He specifically stated that because his funeral home had to take the bodies away that he looked for the empty vials that contained this drug, and they were there and empty with no ventilators present, proving thee people were murdered in cold blood. Subsequently, when the vax started being administered, they got an enormous pile of extra deaths that they never saw before the vax, all labeled as Covid but obvious vax deaths. The UK then backed off on the vax fora while, and the vax deaths slowed down and when the UK started giving the vax en masse a few weeks ago, the funeral homes are again swamped by a huge wave of deaths.

This funeral director pulls no punches, says it like it is, calls the doctors murderers because they know damn well what they are doing and more importantly, that they all know the “Delta
Variant” is nothing but vax deaths an openly, they know it. And they keep giving the shots anyway.

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