Doctors warn of possible transmission of the spike protein created by the injected mRNA to unvaccinated people

Several doctors and nurses have noted that certain people who come into the vicinity of covid-vaccinated persons develop serious problems. Witnesses speak of large menstrual uterine blood clots, swollen testicles, etc. There are also reports of spontaneous miscarriages in women whose partners, for example, were vaccinated.

American nurse Nic Lynn Stinson has collected on her website ‘Truth Unmasked‘ under the section ‘Stay Away (Warning)‘ a long series of testimonies people who speak of various unpleasant symptoms after coming into contact with already vaccinated persons. Several individuals developed bruising, extremely heavy periods, disrupted menstrual cycles, miscarriages, migraine attacks, flu symptoms (vomiting) and you name it.

Doctor Lawrence Palevsky explains in a video:

We are told that the spike protein is very specific to the SARS-COVID-2 virus, so that when your body makes the synthetic spike protein, you are supposed to produce an antibody that is supposed to attack the spike protein. Now we don’t know if that spike-protein production just keeps working without stopping. And that would make the antibody production work without stopping as well. So we find that the genetic instructions for the spike protein are not specific just to the SARS-COVID-2 virus.

The genetic instructions for the spike protein are also similar or even the same as many proteins that exist in the body itself. And therefore if we are going to produce an antibody against the spike protein, then those antibodies will find lots of protein tissue all over the body that match the spike protein. Those antibodies against the spike protein are going to cause an attack against all the proteins and tissues in the body that are similar or even the same as the spike protein. That is the explanation why you will see autoimmune diseases.

But many months ago there was an article in the European literature that said there were several proteins in the male and female reproductive system that were found to have similar construction to the construction of the spike protein. The scientists were concerned that if we inject the genetic instructions of the spike protein into the body, thereby forcing the body to make antibodies against it, we are also forcing the body to make antibodies against the male and female reproductive systems. The danger, therefore, is that the male and female reproductive systems would be stopped. It would make the sperm ineffective to fertilize an egg, and it would also make the egg defective and the uterus defective.

“Experts” all over the world, however, related this concern by saying that the amount of genetic instructions in the male and female reproductive system was so small that it would not be so bad. This resulted in the “science” that we did not have to worry about infertility or miscarriages in men and women. No studies were done, there was just an opinion that said that the genetic instructions on the proteins on the male and female reproductive system matched very little with the spike protein, that it couldn’t matter… That’s why now in women who get the injection, we see a huge increase (hundreds of percent) in miscarriages, and stillbirths. And what we’re seeing further is women who are around vaccinated women having this same experience, which raises the suspicion that not only is that mRNA causing the body to continuously produce spike protein, but it’s continuously excreting spike protein through breath, saliva, skin, and who knows where else. That’s just based on what we think we know now about what’s in these injections. But potentially there are other mRNAs in there, which if injected into the body will instruct the body to make all kinds of proteins that we don’t know about yet.

So what happens is basically this: an injected person makes a protein through the mRNA, against which antibodies are made. These are – as Dr. Tenpenny already explained – non-neutralizing antibodies, which have the potential of making a new infection much worse, but also of attacking organs and tissues in one’s own body. Molecular biologist Peter Borger said that what is actually involved is samRNA, or self-replicating mRNA. This mRNA will multiply enormously, producing very large amounts of spike protein. This spike protein, because it is in very large quantities in the muscle cells and eventually the bloodstream, can be excreted through the skin, etc.

If an unvaccinated person stays in close proximity to a vaccinated person, then spike proteins can get on the body and enter the body (because spike proteins are the proteins on a virus that serve as the ‘key’ to enter a cell; thus, those spike proteins can penetrate the body very well). There, an immune response will be developed against those foreign proteins, which will also cause the formation of non-neutralizing antibodies – just like in a vaccinated person – which can also attack one’s own body. This explains all those symptoms in non-vaccinated people who came into contact with a vaccinated person. It is notable that quite a few people (vaccinated and unvaccinated who came in contact with vaccinated people) develop symptoms around the reproductive organs, which may indicate that this is specifically designed to – in addition to killing people – cause infertility.

The covid-19 vaccines are a particularly ingenious and nasty bio-weapon!

The vaccines are the real “pandemic” and the vaccinated will infect the unvaccinated with that nasty protein and spread the “pandemic”!

Indeed, this is the way to thin out the world’s population. Joseph Mengele and Adolf Hitler would blush!


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