The last dance of the tyrants

To the same extent that the vaccination campaign is becoming implausible, its advocates are stepping up the pressure – but they will not be able to hide their failure forever.

What helps when vaccinations often prove ineffective and even harmful? More vaccinations! And if many people just don’t want to go along with it anymore? Then more violence is needed. With this “logic,” the Corona clique is not only destroying the already crumbling trust in politics, but also the remnants of our democratic system. Debates on compulsory vaccination, expulsion of unvaccinated people from the Bundestag’s plenary chamber, shortening the period of validity of convalescent status – the champions of the coercive regime continue to rely on ridicule and division. They behave confidently, as if their path through the crisis, which so far has been accompanied by a trail of destruction, were a brilliant success story. Perhaps we are indeed witnessing the last gasp of a dying narrative – or perhaps its champions will manage to make it through one more time in the extension. One thing is certain: at this point, one would not like to be in the shoes of those who have to justify a seemingly largely useless vaccination, especially in the case of Omicron. The moment of truth may still be delayed, and the high incidence rates allow those in power to play on people’s fears once more – but sooner or later the final sigh will reach us. Already more and more misguided people are gathering at the gates of the spiritual fortress in which their tormentors have entrenched themselves, writes Roland Rottenfu├čer.

Mandatory vaccination has not been abolished, only postponed. For the first time in post-war history, people may end up in prison as early as this spring, not for something they have done, but for what they are. The unvaccinated may soon be fined by their government and jailed as a substitute. While a minority of citizens have remained themselves over the past two years, the world around them has gone into a swelling moral furor: it is no longer enough to entice 60, 70 or 80 percent of citizens to vaccinate or – to have chanted – “everyone must do it.”

And how do most citizens respond? Instead of directing their aggression at those who oppress them, they direct their aggression at those who point out the oppression. Kai Strittmatter describes the mentality of the submissive very aptly in his China book:

“A special stage of numbness is that in which the subject hates everything that is good and just. Every idealist is to him a hypocrite, everyone who stands up for justice is to him a shameless opportunist, who in reality acts only for himself.”

Why is this so?

“The impression of moral inferiority arouses defensive reflexes in people everywhere. Even in the West, studies have shown that those who are the only ones in a group to act morally right do not reap admiration, but hatred. They show the others their own flaws and remind them that other actions are still possible.”

The Fear of Truth

The current situation is patently absurd. The pressure to vaccinate seems to be increasing at the same rate as the inappropriateness of this injection for truly effective protection is proving itself. The more the prevailing narratives crumble – especially that about the supposedly blissful effect of the injection – the more confident and intolerant its proponents seem to become. We can only hope, as the Viennese psychiatrist Raphael Bonelli hypothesizes, that this is the last of several phases of “defense” – a psychological term describing resistance to a truth that comes to light in the therapeutic process and is perceived by the patient as unbearable.

People are dying in connection with vaccination. But noticing this is only the first step. The second would be to let this fact get to you, believe it, and draw the necessary conclusions from it – for example, distrust the current mass vaccination campaign or reconsider your own intention to vaccinate. Why do so many contemporaries fail to see the obvious and – even leftists! – remain loyal to the government in the worst attack on freedom in 76 years? This, says Bonelli, has much to do with the dynamics of repression well known to psychiatrists.

“When a belief system to which one’s own sense of security is closely tied threatens to collapse, people consistently and often aggressively reject truths that don’t fit into prefabricated images.”

The vulnerable vaccinated

Let’s look back: as early as the early fall of 2021, 60 to 70 percent of people were dually vaccinated. But instead of corona problems decreasing as a result of the supposedly beneficial jab, dramatically increasing “incidences” were reported. This was followed by a wave of discrimination against a certain segment of the population unprecedented in post-war history.

But again, none of this seemed to help, again the number of incidents rose. And one read reports everywhere of overcrowded intensive care units – mainly because there had already been a turnover of nursing staff during the epidemic, not because the physical object “bed” had become scarce. This was followed by a modern witch hunt of the worst kind: unvaccinated people would “occupy” the scarce hospital slots actually reserved for decent people.

The official figures on the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated people in intensive care units can safely be questioned – in many cases, there are not even usable figures available. In any case, the effect of the injection is not so impressive that one could not also respect its renunciation as a rational and humanly understandable decision.

In fact, recent figures from the Robert Koch Institute now suggest that vaccinated people are more likely to contract the Omicron variant than unvaccinated people, as Gunnar Kaiser, among others, reports in a video. “Of the 5,116 Omicron cases whose vaccination status was known, 4,020 were fully vaccinated.” Of those who were fully vaccinated, those who were “boostered” did better. Rounding up the numbers, we can say that one in five of those affected was unvaccinated, another had received a booster, and the remaining three had been vaccinated “only” twice.

So it looks like the twice-vaccinated are currently a particularly vulnerable group as far as Omicron is concerned – and that after a year of trying to sell us this status as the Non plus Ultra. Since it is not possible to become unvaccinated again, such vulnerable people can only take refuge in the next “booster.” Meanwhile, however, even fervent proponents of vaccination seem to realize that the protection provided by vaccination has a rather short shelf life – after two to three months, immunity declines rapidly.

And while all of this information should have impressively refuted the fixation on vaccination as the supposed only solution, the proponents’ answer is: more vaccinations. Perhaps other, “updated” vaccines as well. The “vaccine taboo” previously painted on the wall only by incorrigible conspiracy theorists now appears to be seriously approaching humanity.

Toward the vaccine taboo

It goes without saying that those in charge in politics and the media, who have conducted this hitherto unprecedentedly intrusive vaccination campaign, will have a hard time selling the hitherto patient people an endless marathon of vaccination. Millions of people will sooner or later transform themselves from supporters of discrimination against the unvaccinated to being discriminated against themselves. At some point, almost everyone will be unable to keep up.

State power should therefore either openly propagate vaccination for life, or admit that the entire logic it had propagated for more than two years had been extremely fragile. It should be clear: since vaccinations not only produce predominantly no benefits for the subjects, but – apart from possible vaccine damage – even increase the risk of infection (!), compulsory vaccination should, at least in the case of Omicron, be shelved as a historically nonsensical idea.

Indirect pressure to vaccinate should also be completely eliminated from public life. Finally, advocates must act with the modesty appropriate to the rather meager results of their actions.

But the players are still playing for time. From the perspective of the pharmaceutical lobbyists and “their” politicians, this tactic makes perfect sense. Even if the whole house of cards collapses in mid-2022 or 2023, millions of doses of vaccine can still be injected until then. The ladies and gentlemen are playing poker.

They are trying to give the impression, through a self-confident aura completely divorced from reality, that things can go on forever, and that giving in to the call to vaccinate is the last chance for everyone to live a semi-carefree life for years to come. Being a resident of this state means buying one’s way out of the state’s harassment at regular intervals by offering one’s body resignedly to the invaders, in the hope that things will go well one more time and that worse health problems will not arise.

There are already signs that the “unvaccinated” will become the new enemy in 2022 alongside the already inadequate unvaccinated. We face an endless loop of seasonal relief, new wave, new panic, new vaccine failure, new booster, and so on. And even as the government-chanted “vaccination rate” rises, people will continue to blame the remaining 20, 10, 5 or 2 percent of the unvaccinated for the misery.

However, an annual cycle – as with voluntary flu vaccination – does not seem to be sufficient. If one extends this logic to the end, 20-year-olds today would still need to be vaccinated 120 or even 240 times in their remaining lives. And even if one considers the currently occurring vaccine damage to be relatively minor – which would be tantamount to mocking those affected – will it remain in such “few” incidents with such permanent exposure to dubious, insufficiently tested substances? Won’t the burden increase with each new booster?

The sick republic

The sickness rate among the people in this country is already high – as far as Corona is concerned, but also other infections and diseases. Never before have I observed such an accumulation in my personal environment. It is very difficult to prove whether this is often due to “vaccine damage”. But in the end, one can speak of a grandiose failure of health policy in recent years – whether the cause is a lack of help, especially for mental and psychosomatic illnesses, a broken health care system, or a minister who, along with like-minded people, talks and regulates health disorders. The vaccine scare only reinforces this tendency.

The more “health” became the focus of everyday politics and “stay healthy” became the mantra of our time, the sicker people became.

As a result, we urgently need the opposite of what is happening now: an end to the constant attacks on our psyche, our mental health, our social cohesion and our physical integrity.

There are also more optimistic predictions, namely that Omicron, as an infectious variant with relatively mild disease progression, could be Corona’s farewell performance, as it were. While the political panic orchestra will be reluctant to relinquish its cherished pretext of repression, other themes could follow in its footsteps: Eco-totalitarianism, new wave of refugees, supply shortages, financial crisis, energy crisis, tensions with Russia… Such a soft-boiled population can thus be further bent and reduced to worm shapes at will by a determined power elite.

But the future is open. For the protagonists, too, the Corona maneuver is nothing more than an experiment that – from their point of view – can succeed or fail. The contradictions I alluded to could lead to a collapse of the narrative, which is already being kept alive more badly than well. At a time when we have been betrayed by almost everyone from whom we might have expected help, we are left to our own devices. This may seem frightening, but it is also an opportunity for us to become politically mature – if we have not already done so. A new culture of courage, solidarity and self-organization can emerge, and in many cases is already emerging.

My personal Winter Solstice

On December 28, 2021, my wife and I went to the town hall of our rather sleepy rural town late in the afternoon. It was rumored that a “candlelight walk” would take place there. Under the motto “Stand together, go together,” the vaccinated and unvaccinated wanted to send a signal that they would not be divided. We did not expect a large number of people. But then: a sea of lights, people who began to move on the sidewalk of our main street – candles in hand. Silent, wordless, mostly without masks. Banners were barely visible. No one was making speeches. The police behaved calmly and even praised the peaceful atmosphere.

Similar events also occurred in our neighboring municipalities – as in many larger and smaller cities around the country. It would have been difficult to dismiss these demonstrations as “right-wing” – it was too obvious that ordinary citizens were standing and walking. One can smile at the number of 500 people – set against the large demonstrations of Berlin in August 2020. But there are a lot of them. They are everywhere. And they will continue. The comparison with 1989 comes to mind.

The partly petrified, partly exhausted and ragged expressions of the leaders these days – Lauterbach, Wieler, Drosten, Scholz, Kretschmann – are also reminiscent of the final phase of the GDR, while a relaxed mood of optimism spreads among the demonstrators.

The candle at nightfall is a powerful symbol. I have been there 5 times now and will keep going. One of the few posters at the demos said, “Imagine it’s 3G – and no one is participating!” Yes, let’s imagine it!

This was my own Winter Solstice 2021, and it also helped me through the New Year, which was often accompanied by a rather depressed mood. More despair was rare in this terrible pandemic of destructive thought viruses. But also: more hope was rare.

We must not give in to crippling resignation now, for something is breaking. I recommend everyone to participate in such events regionally. My praise for this “silent” form of protest does not mean that I am opposed to other demonstrations with analytical and combative speeches. But what we need now is sobriety, determination and infectious perseverance.

Let’s turn budding hope into the certainty of a better reality. Right now – as early as 2022!


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