Stay calm: The end game has begun

Do you feel it? It’s coming to an eruption  it’s getting worse and worse, faster and faster. For the most part, you can’t believe them anymore. And soon the big bang will come and the whole thing will blow up in our faces. The others feel it too. And react with panic.

The presstitutes and their johns don’t even notice anymore how they talk to us, the citizens of our country. “Hard-hitting announcement” the party for unvaccinated is over “now come the hammer measures”, ” for the unvaccinated it becomes unpleasant”.

The more people end up double “vaccinated” in hospital, the more vaccine fascism comes into vogue. 3G – No 2,5G – No, 2G rightaway! And punishments, of course punishments are necessary, without punishments the measures don’t work – the state and politics work with the panick crowbar.

The vaccin taliban don’t even notice the nonsense they put themselves through anymore:

“The exploding number of vaccination breakthroughs shows – we need to vaccinate more.”
“If we had a higher vaccination rate , the pandemic would already be over and not so many vaccinated people would get infected.”
“We know that the third prick probably prolongs immunity.”

By the way, these sentences come from the medical associations and health ministers.

My fellow citizens, especially those who are vaccinated, are also losing any sense of proportion. Fascist statements are now acceptable, coercion and vaccine-apartheid have become part of everyday life, one can follow the time around 1938 live and see how all this became possible then.

There have long been bourgeois salons where the better people discuss global tolerance and exclude the unvaccinated despite tests. There have long been so-called “noble restaurants” where, when making reservations, the bosses insist in a pretentious tone that only vaccinated people are allowed-that’s what the guests want.

The brainwashing with the vaccination religion has long been so successful that people complain they have to wait six months between shots or still have to send their three-year-olds to the babysitter “unprotected” while saving the world with a climate initiative.

The tones are getting shriller, the statements more radical, the measures more insane and totalitarian, the propaganda more stupid and clumsy. They all know – it’s not working. It will go wrong. And they panic.

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Dear brothers and sisters in spirit – yes, we also have a religion – it is called reason and logic – dear people who think like me – now it is time to stay calm. Things are resolving themselves now.

All of us (and especially those from the other side) know it, feel it, see it and read it. The decision to inject and kill with mRNA was wrong. The poison does not protect and is not safe. You can read me your dogma day and night. We see it everywhere!

The poison doesn’t work against corona flu; on the contrary, the injected get sick much faster than we do, obviously. In the 20 months of the plandemic, I have never seen so many people in my own neighborhood get sick. All of them, without exception, are double injected. The non-injected are all healthy, the recovered ones are clearly immune, and the “vaccinated” ones are ill.

In the statistics one sees the truth, there the reality is hidden, which refutes the lies of the propaganda.
In Lower Austria, for example, injected people die regularly, yesterday not less than two thirds!

The poison is not safe, this statement is an incredible lie. The numbers prove it, it cannot be denied anymore and it is not denied at all that there are worst side effects and damage. Astra Zeneca has such bad side effects immediately after the jab – that it’s no longer used in Europe. Moderna is no longer allowed to be given to people under 30 in Austria – the number of heart muscle inflammations is exploding. Biontech/Pfizer has managed to raise the number of reported side effects and after-effects to an unprecedented record high.

Sudden and unexpected deaths have become a horrible fact of life, the list of unexplained (!) deaths of (mostly) men between 20 and 65 is a horror! These are all not rumors, not conspiracy theories, not fake news. These are all facts. All of this has long since reached normal people and is common knowledge. We all know it. Even those over there in the land of the Vaccintaliban.

And so my advice is – stay calm. Let’s not be provoked by panicked vaccine fascism and increasingly coercive measures. Ignore: Yes immediately! – Fight it. No. Everything collapses anyway. We don’t need to push anymore, the avalanche is moving faster and faster. And will wash away the dirt with it.

Optimistic and pragmatic greetings to you.

Gerald Markel


1 thought on “Stay calm: The end game has begun

  1. The avalanche is NOT moving in my country at all.
    It’s going worst and worst.
    People see death and don’t even understand it’s cause by the jab.
    Monkeys are much smarter than these people.
    Media said there will be a “NoVax” pandemic, and they believe in it.
    Probably they will kill us.

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