Bad Tech vs Good Tech – Perspectives Matter

We’ve all seen the changes of furs, from different Tech Giants, from start-ups to pure evil. Sure, you’ve heard the old names like Microsoft, Facebook, Google or newer ones like Alibaba, Uber or 23andMe. The world constantly shares the newest discoveries about their hidden stages of development, which prices are corelated of sacrifices in investments and who needs to pay for all the harm in the end…

So, in this post, I’d like to show you another perspective of Tech Giants. Those which do uphold their sacred laws of visions, combining future technologies with traditions and protect the inclusivity of the flora, fauna and living beings in the full perspective of goodness and good willing in it all. So lets welcome SkyWay!

Tech Series #1, by Passive Currents, for GreatReject.

1st I’d really want to show my appreciation towards the team of and that I am excited and trilled to share my glimpses of today’s continuous changes with everyone. Further on, I hope that I’ll brighten your minds more and more with possibilities, options, information, and awareness of upcoming changes. Become, be and part with everyone else. There is enough of everything, for everybody, so we all can uplift each other in the end!

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Now, let me take you back to 1980, in Russia, where our ingenious Anatoly Yunitskiy has invented and gave birth to his vision of ‘SkyWay’. A system of passenger and cargo capsules that travel by cable car. But that was just a small start of it all. So, who is he and what did he do until now?!

Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy — is a Russian scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. Member (academician) of the Public Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Chairman of the Board of Directors, General designer of String technologies CJSC (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) and SkyWay international group of companies.
The developer of the project «String transport Unitsky», the inventor of the technology Sky Way. The Creator of the geocosmic transport system, as well as several transport and infrastructure projects based on string technologies. President of the international Skyway group of companies. Head of two United Nations projects. Member of the USSR Federation of Cosmonautics. Author of more than 140 inventions, 18 monographs and more than 200 scientific works. General Director — General designer of Eurasia Rail Skyway Systems Ltd., London, UK.

Going ahead by manifesting his dream and mission, he encountered very many, more and more heavy, discouraging deeds of people who actually could help to manifest and bring a positive change for humankind. Starting with the Russian banks, 2 of the directors wanted to become Co-Owners and influence directly the whole invention their way, because they are the money supporters. Yunitskiy refused and searched on for other opportunities of financial support. Other investors were found but their influence wasn’t an agreement for what he would settle for, so the search goes on. In the meantime, Yunitskiy was facing more and more difficulties of other countries, because of their counterproductive policies. Many European countries had banned the idea of the sale of financial products from SkyWay or warned the public about a potential scam, where SkyWay was even marked as a Ponzi! This escalated so much that Yunitskiy sued the European Union for slander and much more, where in the end he did win in court and demanded monetary compensation; demanded that the European Union cleanses the companies name and its correlation to other companies or significant people to righteous standards. To understand what SkyWay is, what it can mean for us and future generations and what purpose it has, I definitely can and do understand the fear of our so called ‘system’. That’s the reason me myself am part of this vision, by investing in the company myself and sharing it to others. Have a small glimpse below:

Now do you understand what it is?! What it does?! And why the so-called system fears it?!

Through all the ups and downs, Yunitskiy took a new path to find the financials needed to start manifesting SkyWay, which was crowdfunding! Like every company there are always stages of development involved, and with start-ups it’s always a risk. SkyWay itself has 15 stages of development. Me myself can understand what people usually would think and say, after they do their own due diligence about the company. Especially when many posts are highlighted on google with negative outputs and posts about SkyWay. It can be challenging to find some good balanced information. Yet, SkyWay has been very transparent with its evaluation of the whole process of growing and becoming. YouTube is 1 with plenty actualities. As SkyWay has been joining many Tech Expos as well over years in different places on earth, the whole world knows the company now. Yet the mainstream media barely shows anything…?! Odd right?!

Because of its whole process and intriguements, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) was fascinated by the technology and decided that it wants to become the 1st country in the whole world which implements the whole technology in its complete own society!! I don’t know too much about UAE, but what I do know is, “when the UAE is pumping billions in a company, it’s just a matter of time until that company manifests itself on a Apex peak”. And before the UAE became a pioneer player as an investor, we the normal people around the globe, had and took the lead to slowly give SkyWay a chance to be visualized. 10 stages of development financed by us simple people over years of uncertainty… And look now, a stronghold which can’t be destroyed anymore by the ‘system’. As we are in our 2nd last stage, nr 14. The more due diligence you do about SkyWay itself, the more you’ll understand the difference between the Bad Tech & Good Tech. People influence its results of manifestation to become, for what purpose their made to be.

Also look at the current developments of tech giants and what they’re doing with us (the bad ones, for example listed in the beginning). Look how much nature is suffering by how companies are treating Mother Earth… And all of all, look where it brought humanity itself… It’s time for changes and the timing couldn’t be more perfect than it is now:

A small glimpse of Sharjah in the UAE of their process:

Now, I’ve given some history and some actuality about SkyWay. So, you understand where it originated and came from, to where it actually is going and why. Also, I can imagine that you have even more questions. So to make sense for an end, I’d like to share my thoughts on why of so many companies, options and possibilities, I choose to tell you about SkyWay.

From many companies, due diligence, research, following development stages etc., SkyWay has proven to me that it is worthy, that it has worth, it has vision, it holds future key elements, it has goals, it will bring changes in a good way, it will connect the world even more on a personal scale (which we slightly lost a little) then digital scale, and it brings wealth; generational wealth; wealth for everyone in all kind of perspectives. Human, animal and/or nature. It brings growth. Growth in consciousness, growth in abundance, growth in compassion, growth as a collective…
Because of the whole fake Covid plandemic, we all witnessed that absolutely nothing is certain. That all you have, can be gone in a twitch. The only certainty which every single 1 of us can have, is to rely on yourself and NOT being dependent on anything else, definitely not a ‘”system”. Which tells you what you need to do, when it wants, it needs and without questioning. So because of this, it has been proven that you need to be self-sustainable!!

What does that have to do with SkyWay?!

With SkyWay, you actually have a very unique opportunity, to become an investor in this company and thereby be a co-owner because of the shares you own of it. So you will get dividends, on an annual basis, which depends of course of the amount shares you own.

Why? Is that something special?!

Yes, it is. To become a share stock owner of a company you want to invest in, you actually need a minimum of like 100,000 USD – 1M USD as a start. 98% of the world population doen’t have that amount of money randomly, to shake out of their sleeves. So you can already part take with a minimum investment of 250$ and become a share stock owner and thereby have co-ownership. For many 250$ is also very much. So Yunitskiy decided to even instal a payment arrangement option for those who really believe in the vision and manifestation of SkyWay but simple can’t throw the whole number in 1 hit. This, so that every simple human on this planet has the equal chances to gain self-sustainability; to create wealth; to create actual generational wealth which never has been teached in schools or by others; which can be inherited on by testamentary heirs; to be financially free and do what ever you feel worth doing with heart; to strengthen the belief and trust in a vision in its manifestation and realize goals which are made resilient for future generations to live up for.

This era of 2020 – 2030 will show us that, now action needs to be taken, instead to wait for government solutions. Sharjah in Dubai, UAE, will be the epicentrum of SkyWay. Not because they like fancy things, but because they know that oil has had its time. Which is actually great, because this shows that they are open to look ahead in the future!
In order to build and test their products before they can be used on a pre-staged area in Sharjah, they develop and test their products in Belarus. There is the 1st SkyWay EcoPark from where it all started in building itself. The SkyWay EcoPark is once a year, couple of days, open to the public. With this, you can feel, see and witness its process of becoming. Here you can and will understand, that you’re part of something far more greater, then you or the world could ever realize. More info about the SkyWay EcoPark:

If you want to know more about SkyWay, you can find a lot on the internet. YouTube has plenty video material as well. In case you feel that this company is worth the shot to invest in, click on the link below and become part of this gigantic change on a global scale. I did it, the team of did it, so why shouldn’t you?!

If you register via the link, you’ll get an extra 10% of shares on any share package you buy for the next 7 days as a present.
So recognize the difference between good and bad tech, because your perspective is what matters the most. Thereby I hope you enjoyed this story, this blog, this information and I hope to see you on the next one coming!!

Learn more about SkyWay, and for investment related information or questions you can always contact GreatReject.