Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Special Session International Legal Offensive

23 April 2021. Dr Reiner Fuellmich interviews many international lawyers and asks if there are special situations that need special attention in any one of the countries who they are going to talk to.

There is a close cooperation between the lawyers in Germany, the Italians, the French, the Austrians on the one hand, and the Anglo-American countries in particular Canada and the United States. It is going on and will probably lead to many more class action complaints. It may even result in a special international Corona court. We will see where the current lawsuits take us and where the current evidence takes us.

(CT: Please bear with me. This recording is four and a half hours, so I intend to transcribe one interviewee per day over nine days).

Dr. Renate Holzeisen from Italy. https://facebook.com/renate.holzeisen/ (minutes 2:35 – 28:14) http://devoncommunityradio.com/A2021VERIFIEDRESOURCES/HOLZEISEN%20VS%20EUCOMMISSION%204_5963294337939802350.pdf

RH: There is a lot of pressure in Italy. The first country in the European Union where we are facing COVID-19 vaccine, which is mandatory and Italy will also be one of the first countries where we will have Covid-19 green certificate pass for travelling, also within the country from region to region and to enter bars and restaurants. It is the plan of the Italian government. We have a president of the Italian Government, the former Goldman Sachs manager and the European Central Bank chief officer so we have European commission executor on the front line of the Italian Government. We feel this pressure, we are in a very serious situation.

Reiner Fuellmich: Is it mandatory yet? Are there forced vaccinations yet?

RH: Yes we have the forced vaccinations for the healthcare workers and for the rest of the people of the population we presume that they want you to introduce it in maybe weeks or months, but for all the healthcare workers we have this mandatory vaccination since 1 April. We have thousands and thousands of healthcare workers who don’t want to be vaccinated and we laywers have to defend them. I, together with other lawyers, are defending, for example, nearly ten thousand of healthcare workers and there are other groups of lawyers engaged in this huge work for defending these people. We are in a very serious situation. It was introduced as mandatory vaccination just before Easter. If you think we are the country where we have the seat of the Vatican of the pope and we had just before Easter Sunday introduction of this mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. This is a fact which will be introduced In the history.

Reiner Fuellmich: What is surprising about this is that there is no full authorisation for these vaccines, for none of the three vaccines. There’s only a conditional use authorisation, just like the United States there’s only an emergency use authorisation. But how can that be? This conditional use exists only because there are no studies because nobody knows about the risks, nobody really knows about the efficacy, but no one knows about the risks, adverse reactions etc. There are lots and lots of reports coming in from all over the world that there are very serious side effects, adverse effects, including death. How can that be mandatory then?

RH: Yes, it is a fundamental breach of the fundamental principles of law and fundamental rights. It’s a breach of the Nuremberg Code. It’s obvious, but they go on until we aren’t able to stop them within the courts and we are all ready to take every legal step to stop them, and obviously now we are trying to inform every Italian member of the parliament because we are now in a situation that this mandatory vaccination was introduced by an order of the Italian Government signed by Mr Dragie on April 1st, and within sixty days, by the end of May, the Italian Parliament has to covert (or not – we hope they won’t do that), but it is foreseen that this governmental order is being converted in an ordinary law and that has to be done by the Italian parliament. Now we are trying to inform every Italian member of the Parliament, for example, regarding the action for annulment which are pending on the European court.

As you correctly said before this so-called vaccines are experimental vaccines and we therefore presented on behalf of, in the name, and on behalf of Italian health workers already a month ago, actions for annulment for deliberations of the European Commission which authorised these vaccines in a conditional way for one year and so currently before the European court there are pending three legal proceedings regarding the first three vaccines introduced on the market by Pfizer BioNtech, by Moderna, and by AstraZeneca, and we are now going to file the fourth action for (inaudible) regarding Yansen of Johnson & Johnson. All this so-called COVID-19 vaccines offer the same problem They put the health of the person at a very high risk. We know we have already a lot of deaths in the European community and we also saw on the official data of (inaudible) that they had even applicated this on children already in Europe. Some are saying that also we have to have more information about that because at this time these vaccines aren’t authorised for children, for example.

There is something that happened which is very concerning, and now all the Italian health workers who don’t wat to be vaccinated will join this action for annulment and I know from the other European Union countries there will be a huge number of health workers joining this action for annulment in the quality of intravenous to support the Italian health workers and actors in this action.

On the other side we have the European Commission, which is supported by the pharmaceutical producers, so we will have thousands of health workers as actors on the one side and the European Commission pharmaceutical producers on the other side. The actions for annulment are based on high level scientific records of experts regarding the studies which were made regarding the very concerning risks persons are facing when they are treated with this so-called vaccines and it is based, and refers to the fundamental breach of European law.

We are in a situation where we are European citizens obviously have no longer protection of our health, that we are used as subjects of which the pharmaceutical industry is making the studies they didn’t do before.

Reiner Fuellmich: In other words, because the studies were not conducted we are now the guinea pigs?

RH: Yes.

Reiner Fuellmich: And not just of a new vaccine, but rather this is something that I get from a number of reports, including a video by Dr Hoetze of Houston Texas, it’s not even a vaccine but rather it’s an experiment, it’s genetic, it’s a therapeutic experiment.

RH: Yes, that’s right. In fact, we aren’t talking about real vaccines, but we are talking about genetic therapeutical products. With all the problems and open questions related to.

Reiner Fuellmich: Yeah. There’s no clear evidence as to the efficacy. We don’t know how effective it really is and there’s lots of evidence coming in more and more of it being really dangerous. There was a report a couple of days ago, I got a report about how in the united States (I think) there are now studies that include children, and one of the children was an infant two years old. She had no prior conditions; she was in perfect shape and she’s dead now.

RH: Yes, but we have proved that even in the European territory, obviously children are already treated with these so-called vaccines, because otherwise there would be no, otherwise we can’t understand why this death is included in (inaudible) so this is a fact, this has to be, we have to understand more also about that.

Vivienne: What is the lockdown situation? Did you talk about this, do you have any restrictions at the moment?

RH: Yes we have. We can’t go around in the evening from 9 o’clock on and from ten o’clock on. As I already said before we probably will have to show the green covid certificate or something on our cellphone when we would like to pass from one region to another region within Italy so the lockdown is even getting more serious because our rights of travelling are more and more limited so we are very concerned about the future we are facing because we are seeing here an evolution like in Israel, and it’s’ very similar. We heard about the evolution in Israel two months ago and we see that we are now facing the same thing, We are in this very serious situation.

Vivienne: What about, we have all this testing in schools now starting?

RH: We have it also. It’s a very great problem. We as lawyers try to bring this problem at the courts, but we see that currently most of the judges aren’t willing to study the problem. They are executors of Governmental orders and that’s it. We see a very great lack of democracy. We see that the system of justice is not working. We have only single judges who are doing their work who are applying the constitutional law, who are aware of the fundamental rights and liberties and who are wiling to enter also into scientific considerations and read what experts say.

We have, first of all, the prosecutors who aren’t doing their job and it’s a grave problem. We lawyers we are trying, yes, we are facing a great effort in order to bring very important questions and cases at the courts, and we obviously hope that we will find judges willing to play their role they have in a democracy and in the state of rights.

Reiner Fuellmich: Is that because they are in line with the Government, or is it because they lack the relevant information?

RH: Both, I think the second maybe the most important argument in this consideration. I think most of them are lack of information so you have to inform them, but you have also to find the procedure where you can force them to pay immediate attention to the information, so we have the problem that the prosecutors they can make the choice of when they are willing to read what you are presenting them, they have no real terms within which they have to act. The civil proceedings in the main cases they all have too long a duration that’s our grave problem, and obviously we try to get interim measures and we do our best in order to react results, but we see that most of the judges are not willing to sustain individually with their responsibility also against the mainstream thinking. So we have to bring a lot of cases on the courts and obviously we lawyers working on the defence of the fundamental rights in this situation we have to be joined by other colleagues in order that we are more able in this very important work because we are few numbers as being respective the huge number of lawyers we have especially in Italy, we have thousands and thousands of lawyers, but we are maybe only one hundred, two hundreds of lawyers engaged in the defence of the fundamental rights of the citizens in this situation.

Reiner Fuellmich: It sounds as though a very basic problem, not just in Italy but this seems to be the same all over the world, we’ll see, but a basic problem is the lack of information and the lack of information exists because the mainstream media are more or less in control of the same people who are in control of the pharmaceutical and tech industry, so they have no interest in letting people know what is really going on. They have no interest in educating the people about the adverse side effects. That seems to be a major problem not just with the judges but also with the lawyers because if that wasn’t the case then I assume many more lawyers would take on these cases, in particular when you realise that many of these lawyers probably have children of their own who are endangered, and they don’t know it because they don’t have the information.

RH: Yes you’re right. Now on the question we all know PCR tests the abuse of the PCR test and the gene rapid test is the centre of the problem. When we started to talk about it and bring it on the courts already in Autumn of last year the attention was zero paid on this very important question and problem. But now with the vaccination we see that also in Italy certain mainstream media are now interested in reporting on it. Because we have now the situation obviously intelligent people is aware of the fact that in the first step the vaccination Is mandatory only for the health workers, but obviously it will become mandatory for the rest of the population, so even journalists are concerned now regarding this vaccination because they hear what happens. We had a lot of deaths especially in Italy.

Reiner Fuellmich: Yes I heard about that particularly in the Army, there is a lot of suspicion there because of adverse effects, and because we’re on a tight schedule we’ll have to switch to Great Britain. Is that okay?

RH: Okay. Thank you very much.

Reiner Fuellmich: For our German viewers there will be German subtitles, we won’t be translating while we are conducting our interviews, but there will be German subtitles. There will be one interview in German, rather. I will translate that.