Professor Cahill warns globalists: ‘The game is up’

Irish professor Dolores Cahill, who has often warned about the dangers of corona vaccines, walked in the freedom march in London on Saturday. That day, dozens of cities around the world were demonstrating against the corona regulations.

“We need to show that there are millions of us,” Professor Cahill says in this video, which she posted on her Facebook page. “The game is up. The globalists’ house of cards has already collapsed.”

“We are building the new structures, the new banking system, the new legal system. We will not let this happen again,” she stressed. Asked if she is optimistic about the future, she replied that “we have already won.

Firm warning

Cahill, affiliated with University College Dublin, issued a firm warning to the globalists: “Everyone who has contributed to the suffering and death is liable. In every country, there are at least 10 people who are most responsible: the prime minister, the minister of health, the minister of justice, the head of the regulator and the newsreaders.”

“They don’t allow health information to come out, with the result that people don’t know that lockdowns are not necessary. They need to ask the media, doctors, regulators, judges and police: why don’t you inform people and why don’t you make safe and effective treatments available, like vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and ivermectin.”


“The game is up,” emphasized Professor Cahill. “They are afraid that people will get together in, say, the pub or at the soccer club to discuss these things.”

She warns everyone: prepare yourself, because they have several crises in store for us, having to do with the Internet, with infrastructure, with banking, with the legal system, and, she says, there will also be a new “health crisis. “Be strong and courageous.”