A powerful message and warning to police worldwide

Hey guys! I wanna do a quick video to give a message out to my brothers and sisters in law enforcement who under a lot of pressure right now. I want you to know that I’ve been there with you.

I’ve been asked to do things that were more of reprehensible to me and I didn’t follow the order. And I want you guys to know that, that was really good at sitting on your shoulder and saying to you “You gotta follow that order or else you gonna lose your job.”, “You gotta follow that order because your kids depend on that paycheck.”, “You better follow that order they gonna fire you if you don’t follow that order.” And so what is happening is we keep saying please officers going to people’s businesses, shutting them down, taking their livelihoods away from them. We keep seeing cops standing in their doorways of, you know, like the cops who stood in the doorway of the stagehouse in Michigan and kept the republican slither relentless through coming into the building in during of duty. We keep seeing “Please officers.” following all the nazi orders that are being issued to them by the thugs governors, mayors, and whatnot that are issuing these orders. Folks, listen to me and listen clearly, if every single one of you planned together and stand, and I meaning physically stand, stand in front of your commanding officers and say “We will not follow that order.” Guess who will stand with you as well, we the people will show up and we will back you. And by the way here is the key, you stand with your body cams running, you record it, you release it, we the people see it and we will stand with you. But if you flipped things and you stand against us, you’re gonna have a problem.

Folks, I don’t know how of to put it. Police officers in America are crapping on the general public. Everytime you hear word “Governor Whitmers did this or that.” or “Mayor Lightfoot did this or that.”, no they didn’t, they wrote a piece of paper and they sign it and then cop show up. They enforce the law, they enforce the mass mandate, they enforce all the bs being shug on the people.

Folks, police officers, you hold all the power in America right now. Wake up, grow up and start acting like defenders of the people versus the haters of the people.

And for those you that are watching this, I’m gonna give you a little news flash. I used to be a police officer and 100% this is true. On many many occasions, I saw my fellow police officers refer to you, to citizenry, as “Fucking civillians” because of the hatred that they have for the citizenry. I couldn’t understand what the disconnect was there. There are some cops who just hate being cops. Sorry, but there it is. Law enforcement is not for everyone.

But what we have going on right now, our police officers who treat a law enforcement as a paycheck, as a job versus a calling. And now they’re finding themselves in positions where they being asked to do things that are reprehensible and they’re following the orders. Police officers you’re putting you’re lives in jeopardy because the citizenry is only gonna put up with these bs for so long from you, for you to start creating your own problem. So once again I say this you, you’re all wearing a body cams, use it against them, use it against your command staff, use it against your mayor.

Many years ago I was ordered by my lieutenant, “Miranda, you need to get writing more tickets.” and I said “Sir, I write tickets when I feel like writing tickets.” Well the other cops are writing more tickets than you.” and i said “Sir, put it in writing and I will write more tickets.” and he said “Well you know I can’t put it on writing.” “Yeah I know you can’t put it in writing because if you put it in writing and becomes official and if you put it officially then it becomes a legal problem.” because they are not supposed to be, what do you call that, quotas. There aren’t supposed to be quotas. Guess what, there are quotas, grow up, there are quotas.

Ladies and gentlemen of law enforcement, get with the United States of America’s citizens. You’re not the military. Stop refering to the citizenry as “Fucking civilians”. We are your back up. You’re not the first responders, we are. We’re the ones that are there when things break bad. We’re the ones that are there to help you fight the bad guys so stop fighting us. Start being a help to the citizenry rather than a hindrance.

I know that right now some of you are asking yourselves why is that I am even covering this right now. Well I know that those of you are asking yourselves that question or asking because you are sleeping. You are not paying attention to what’s going on. Because there are some of you who recognize fully why I’m covering this right now. Because this is rapidly becoming a bigger and bigger and bigger problem in America. As the evil has now taken control of the reigns of government, they gonna start using the cops, the COPS! Your neighbor, the cop. Your friend at church, “your friend at church”, the cop. Well I’m gonna leave that one alone; no, actually I’m not gonna leave that alone. People need to understand, police officers know that there is a massive gulf of distance between them and the private citizenry. They know that there is no way that they can possibly share the filth that they have to deal with on daily day basis with you. They may go to your house and have brewskies with you and hang out with your wife and your kids and your all buddies and everything, but the facts is you can’t fully understand what it is to be a police officer. There’s a burden we carry.

I left law enforcement 2011 and I still carry the burdens, the scars, the things that I’ve seen. I can’t get rid of them. They’re in my head and they’re in my heart. I’m speaking to those of you cops who know me in the region here, in the ??? area. I’m speaking to those of you cops all over the nation, I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve been asked to do things I didn’t want to do and in some cases I did them and I regretted them, and I still regret them, and a lot more of those cases I said “No, I’m not gonna do that.” Because that’s wrong and I’m gonna stand my ground because I practice little courage and I practice a little bit bigger courage and I practice bigger courage. And when there are things that were asked of me that I realized were wrong, I stood my ground and I didn’t follow the orders. I’m asking those of you who are not put in a positions where you’re asked to go in to a business and closed it down to say that they the health department. You are welcome to go to hell. Because I’m not shutting down that business because they refuse to wear a piece paper over their face.

Folks, we already have proof that there are fake masks that have come in and are coming in from China. There’s a massive wealth shift going on right now. We are enriching China, we’re enriching Bezos, we’re enriching Walmart, we’re enriching all these companies who have been gained essential and being kept open while at the moment, pop-stores and shops and restaurants are being closed down. There is an agenda. Wake up cops, stop enforcing unconstitutional laws that you’re being asked, that you’re being ordered to enforce.

Wear your body cams, use them against the people that are ordering you, put the videos out, we the people will see and we will stand with you. Because remember there are far more of us than there are of them. Anyone of you all over this nation, anyone of you, police officers whether you are from a large agency or a tiny agency, where I used to work. Count in your head how many people work at city hall. Whether it be fifty, whether fifteen hundred. How many citizens are in your community? Hundred of thousands of millions.

We will stand with you if you boldly show us that you stood for us, we will stand with you, that’s all I’m asking of you. Take their legs out from underneath them, knock the giant over and stomp his neck. Because that’s what we are in America. The Chinese already put a fake president in the White House. Wake up!

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