“Global time bomb” – First case of postmortem examination of SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated patient; viral RNA found in every organ of the body

The very first autopsy of a person vaccinated against COVID-19 who was found to be negative 18 days later after hospitalization showed viral RNA in almost every organ in the body. The vaccine, although it triggered an immune response, did NOT STOP the virus from entering every organ in the body, reports Hal Turner Radioshow.

The viral RNA was found in almost every organ of the body, which means the spike proteins were also found.

There are antibodies (as the “vaccine” is supposed to create) but they are irrelevant because, based on a study from Japan, we now know that it is the S1 spike protein that does the damage:

We spoke with an infectious disease specialist at a New Jersey hospital this morning. We sent the autopsy findings to him and asked for his opinion.

When he called back a while later, he was clearly shocked. He told us, “You must not mention me by name, or the hospital will fire me.” We agreed to hide his identity.

He then told us:

“People think that only a minority of people get side effects from the vaccine.

Based on this new research, it means that everyone will get side effects – potentially – because those spike proteins will bind to ACE2 receptors all over the body.

That mRNA was supposed to stay at the injection site but it doesn’t. That means that the spike proteins produced by the mRNA will also be in every organ, and we now know that it is the spike proteins that do the damage.

Worse, the viral RNA found in every organ despite a vaccine indicates either:

1) The vaccine does not work at all, OR;

2) The virus experiences antibody dependent amplification (ADE), (meaning it actually spreads FASTER among vaccinated people.

This is a GLOBAL TIME bomb”.

According to the published autopsy report, the vaccinated man was 86 years old and tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 when he was first hospitalized with severe gastrointestinal problems and breathing difficulties. This is what the report describes:

“We report on an 86-year-old male resident of a retirement home who received a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Medical history included systemic arterial hypertension, chronic venous insufficiency, dementia and prostate carcinoma. On January 9, 2021, the man received the lipid-nanoparticle-formed, nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine BNT162b2 at a dose of 30 μg. On that day and in the following 2 weeks, he presented without clinical symptoms (Table 1). On day 18, he was admitted to the hospital for worsening diarrhea. Since he did not present with clinical symptoms of COVID-19, isolation in a specific setting did not occur. Laboratory tests showed hypochromic anemia and elevated serum creatinine levels. Antigen test and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for SARS-CoV-2 were negative.”

The autopsy report makes clear that the tests revealed “no morphological changes associated with COVID” in his organs.

“Morphological” means structural. It is now known that COVID infections cause very specific structural changes at the sites they infect. These changes had not occurred in the vaccinated man before he died.

The now dead vaccinated man was in a room where another patient eventually tested positive for COVID, and the report states that it is believed that the dead vaccinated man contracted COVID after he was admitted, from the other patient in the same room.

So the damage to the organs of the now dead vaccinated man occurred BEFORE he was infected with COVID by the other patient in the hospital room.

Worse, when the vaccinated man actually received COVID, it spread so quickly in his body that he apparently had no chance. Here are tissue images:

The full postmortem report has been published on ScienceDirect.com

I’m not a physician or scientist, so I can’t provide a competent medical analysis, but as a layman, from where I stand, this doesn’t look so good, writes Hal Turner.

The autopsy report clearly says, “These results indicate that the patient had already developed relevant immunogenicity from vaccination,” yet on day 24 (after vaccination) he was infected by another patient when he was hospitalized, and died 4 days later.

If one reads the article, the whole story is: the patient received the vaccine, was hospitalized with ulcerative colitis due to blood clots, became infected by an asymptomatic roommate during his hospitalization, and died 4 days later.

My conclusion: the vaccine brought this elderly man to his end.

I could be wrong, but this is what I see in the postmortem report.

I have not taken the vaccine and have no intention of taking it.

Throughout this whole COVID debacle, the only constant is that the disease has a 99.8% OVERVIEW rate. To me, it is not a pandemic. For me, it’s not even worth taking a vaccine; I think my immune system can handle it just fine.

Given all the side effects of the vaccination, I have now come to the conclusion that getting the vaccination is much more dangerous than getting the actual disease.

God gave me an immune system. I think I will trust God in this. Finally, I truly believe that I will not live a microsecond longer than God wants, and conversely, that I will not die a microsecond sooner than God wants.

Faith is not “belief without proof”, it is “trust without reservation”. I trust God.

The 32-year-old stepson of this couple died of a heart attack 12 hours after being given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The coroner declined to release reports; calling the cause of death “inconclusive.” Many of these deaths are simply covered up. Here’s the family to tell you:


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