Top Dutch physician: entire pandemic is a ‘directed mind control’

The Dutch heart surgeon and professor Jan Grandjean is very critical of the corona approach. He is against the half-and-half society, the mouthguards that don’t work and the test society. The doctor calls the whole pandemic a “directed mind control.

“With the virologists at the microphone, most of whom have very little expertise of humans because they are veterinarians. With the Health Office at amplifier, focusing only on the virus, but not on public health in a broader sense. The journalists as the loudspeaker; because how little critical this group has been! Dissenters have not been able to play a role. And finally the directors of this mind control: Prime Mintster Rutte and Health Minister De Jonge,” says Grandjean, who will retire this year, in conversation with local newspaper Tubantia.

According to the heart surgeon, the world is not going to be destroyed by the virus, but by the people around it. “A fear has been created that I find outrageous, to say the least.” He further points out that most people do not die from corona, but with corona.

The coronal mortality rate on the entire population is only 0.03 percent

Last year, Grandjean was one of the first top doctors to openly criticize the Dutch corona policy. He did so together with anesthesiologist Alaattin Ozdemir and still stands by it.

Early last year, the pair studied the spread of the coronavirus in detail. Their conclusion at that time was: “In the flu period two years ago, last year and now, no significant differences can be detected in the overall figure. The coronavirus mortality on the entire population is only 0.03 percent.”