All their old models, the Keynesian ideas, everything has collapsed – Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong: There are signs that the propaganda about Covid is coming to a head. Leaders in Austria and Australia resigned, NZ backed off, Scandinavia stopped Moderna for young men, confidence is collapsing, stock market is coming down. Nov. might be tumultuous.

We’re on a financial and economic trajectory that is falling apart as we speak, October 12th 2021. In this interview historian and economic forecaster Martin Armstrong explains that he has been warning governments for over ten years how the path they appear to have chosen will fail and how they could address the inevitable fallout of their perpetual borrowing scheme differently. But governments, he says, are not intelligent.

The route politicians appear to have chosen and are on in lockstep globally, is designed to retain the wealth of the super-rich. Armstrong explains; they are looking to impose model following communist reasoning, but they’ve miscalculated. People aren’t serfs today like they were of old. They will not allow wealth being stripped away and that means revolution is inevitable. Whether that will be a peaceful one or not is up to the police and the military; who’s side are they on?

In this 55 minute English-spoken telephone interview we start by discussing how a loss of faith in Government determines the rising rate of inflation and how we could see this play out in the euro/dollar bond markets. We discuss Bitcoin, the war on cash and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies, and some of the points on the agenda of the upcoming World Economic Conference (5,6,7 November in Orlando Fl, also accessible for virtual attendance through the internet). Armstrong explains how the Corona crisis of the past two years is to be seen as an instrument of politics but that there is a cycle of disease that -if history is an indication- would come in to play in 2022.

Martin Armstrong as a programmer created a computer system called Socrates. An artificially intelligent program that takes in and correlates many sources of information and their effect throughout history. Through it he’s come to learn that most if not all things move cyclically. Cycles through time are in human nature as much as in that of the earth and the sun.

Find his newsletter on Armstrong Economics, which: “.. offers unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment. Our mission is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models”.

Armstrong Economics advised me that the World Economic Conference on 5,6 and 7 November this year also has a virtual option to attend as well as visiting it in person for those not restricted to travel. It is open for registration here. The Socrates system mentioned in this interview is available also to the broader audience, through a subscription model that can be found here.


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