Mark-Kishon Christopher a planetary judge for the world, a factual court!

More and more we find out how comprehensively we have been lied too for all these years, decade, and centuries. The time of the cabal, deep state, globalists, democrats, rinos, and their brainwashed lefties are at an end.

Joyous will be the day when we see these cultural locusts removed from all of our lives. They will be swept away to dimensions lesser than the 3rd while we all bear witness to us good folks ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Sending light and love to all the good people. The bad ones can eat shit and die angry.

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  1. David Enriquez says:

    Hi Mark , my name is David Enriquez , my girl and I Lisa Hoeppner just listen to you on the Charlie Ward Show , wow we were so Enlightened, we live in California in Santa Clarita area , would really like to learn more and find out how to proceed with getting rid of Debt, could you please show us how ,thank you so much for sharing !

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