Macron panicked over ‘DNA theft’ and refuses Covid test for Putin meeting

On the occasion of his visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his counterpart from France switched into panic mode: Emmanuel Macron refused to take the mandatory Covid-19 test for fear that the Russians “might steal his DNA” because the test would have been taken by a Russian doctor.

Taking the French leader’s DNA posed a veritable security risk, two informed sources said. So the meeting, on the subject of the Ukraine conflict, had to be held about six baby elephants apart. Was Macron worried that the Russians would discover that he had not taken the mRNA vaccine?

Global DNA pool through Covid tests

So while the Covid-19 regimes of the world are picking the noses of billions of people with prepared cotton swabs, conveniently feeding the DNA of unsuspecting people into global databases – France’s Corona dictator Macron is throwing tantrums about his bodily integrity. He probably knows which is now official anyway: a Covid 19 test automatically provides the DNA of the person tested.

Moreover, Covid vaccines could impact DNA. IRP senior investigator Shalini Oberdoerffer, in 2018, for example, identified a novel modification mRNA that dramatically impacted the activity of genes by promoting the production of protein from RNA.

Cordial closeness to Kazakh president

On Thursday, three days after Macron and Putin had their meeting “at a social distance”, Putin received Kazakh President Kassym-Shomart Tokayev. The two heads of state shook hands in a friendly manner and sat close together – separated only by a small coffee table. It is not known whether the Kazakh gave his DNA to the Russian doctor. But perhaps he is doubly vaccinated and boostered anyway.

Six ‘baby elephants’ apart

So there Putin and Macron stood, in Moscow, in front of assembled flags and shouted to each other what they had to say about the Ukraine conflict. At least that’s how it looked in the accompanying photos of the recent meeting. Even in the meeting room, away from the public eye, they kept their distance.

Will Putin and Macron do face painting after?

— Tarquin (@Tarquin_Helmet) February 7, 2022

DNA theft is a security risk

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Macron had refused the test. Russia had no problem with it. That is why a 6-metre distance from Putin was necessary to protect Putin’s health. One of the sources told the Reuters press agency: “They knew what Macron’s rejection of the Russian Covid 19 test meant: no handshakes and a long table.” But they had not been able to agree to Macron’s DNA ending up in “their” hands. The “second source” announced that none of this had anything to do with politics, and it did not affect the negotiations in any way.

Everyone in their own bubble

Macron had taken a French PCR test before his departure. He also took an antigen test from his own doctor in Russia. “The Russians have told us Putin must be kept strictly ‘in his own bubble’”. Macron’s office let it be known: The Russian health protocol was not acceptable to France, he said, nor was it compatible with the tight timetable. Because it would have taken time to wait for the result of the test. When asked about the DNA concerns, it said: “The president has doctors who define with him the rules that are acceptable or not in relation to his own health protocol.”

In Brussels recently, journalists booed the French leader and walked out of Macron’s speech. France will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 January to 30 June 2022.

At home, Macron is being mocked not only for his ridiculous Covid measures but also as rumours spread that his “wife” is in fact a transgender man previously known as Jean-Michel Trogneux, disguised as a woman. Genealogists are curious about the large number of anomalies, also regarding not only Brigitte’s but Macron’s suspicious family history. That may be another reason why he fears a DNA test.

comment ce type est détesté c’est dingue.
les journalistes quittent la salle devant macron
— Jean Luc (@jeanluc_claude) January 20, 2022

Gates and Soros interested in harvesting DNA

At least one Covid-19 testing firm which had planned to sell swabs containing customer’s DNA, prompted an investigation from the UK’s data privacy watchdog in November last year.

Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved supplier trading as Express Test, sold the information to third parties, according to company documents, to “learn more about human health”, the Sunday Times reported at the time.

The usual suspects, Bill Gates and George Soros, have also shown great interest in pursuing DNA harvesting.

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