Large raids in southern Germany for unvaxxed people with fake vax passports

Police searched homes throughout southern Germany on Thursday morning. 100 people are suspected of complicity in the forgery of vaccination certificates. A doctor from Wemding in the Donau-Ries district allegedly issued them.

At the crack of dawn Thursday morning, police forces across southern Germany rang the bells of suspects in the Wemding vaccination scandal. A general practitioner there allegedly forged Corona vaccinations and issued false vaccination certificates. This is what the investigation has revealed so far, according to the police. Persons who received such a forged certificate in consultation with the doctor are also liable to criminal prosecution. They therefore had to expect a house search and have their blood drawn during the raid.

House search with blood collection

According to the police, more than 100 people from Bavaria and southern Germany are involved. In particular, they are suspected of aiding or abetting the issuing of false health certificates and their use. The public prosecutor in Augsburg had requested the searches, after which the Augsburg District Court decided that blood could also be taken from the suspects. Numerous police forces, also from other federal states, were deployed for this purpose. The first results will be announced in the course of the day.

Cars from all over southern Germany were parked in front of the practice.

With the blood sample, the police apparently want to prove through an antibody test that the suspects were not vaccinated. The use of a forged vaccination certificate is forgery and therefore a criminal offense. According to the Criminal Code, forgery is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to five years. According to the police, witnesses had noticed that cars with license plates from all over southern Germany repeatedly parked in front of the family doctor’s practice in Wemding, presumably to obtain a false vaccination certificate. The general practitioner from Wemding is currently not allowed to work as a doctor. He is also suspected of having injected people who wanted to be vaccinated with an ineffective substance. A total of several hundred cases are involved.


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