Irrefutable evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic never existed

Dr. Vernon Coleman shows that the number of people who died in the UK last year was not at all higher than normal. Something the old media does try to make you believe. Coleman bases his calculation entirely on the official figures. You can watch the video or read the text below which is based on the same video.

The UK’s Office for National Statistics reports that the death rate per 100,000 population in 2020 was 1,016. And that is not unusual. Twenty years ago, in the year 2000, for example, the crude death rate per 100,000 was 1,032. In fact, mortality rates vary from year to year.

Coleman shows not only that the death rate in 2020 was not exceptional, but that the number of deaths from COVID-19 was virtually the same as the death rate from influenza. The government’s own figures show that hospitals have not been hectic, overcrowded or busier than ever. In fact, the figures show that hospitals were quieter than usual. Staff had plenty of time to make happy dance videos.

Coleman points out that since March 2020, the government has been officially informed that the coronavirus is no more deadly than the flu. Since the beginning of this “pandemic,” he has said that COVID-19 is just the annual flu that was renamed.

The current alleged total number of deaths from COVID-19 in the UK is reportedly 127,000. However, the 127,000 covers two winters: winter 2019/2020 and winter 2020/2021. So if you get the covid deaths from one year, we divide the 127,000 by two. That works out to 63,500.

The Office for National Statistics has produced figures showing that 23% of recorded coronavirus deaths were from people who died with and not from the coronavirus. Coleman thinks 23% is far too low, but since it comes from the government he uses it anyway.

23% of 63,500 is 14,605. And 63,500 minus 14,605 comes to 48,895. The total number of alleged COVID-19 deaths per year, per season, is up to 48,895 – according to the government’s own figures. The government reported that the total flu deaths for 2017-2018 was 50,100. The Daily Mail reported that the 50,100 deaths were due to deadly flu symptoms in the period between December and March.

The above COVID-19 figures knock the bottom out from under all the emergency laws, lockdowns, the one and a half meter society, the ‘new normal’ and the medical experiments on the population.

The above calculation could have been done by any journalist as well, it hardly involves higher math. Yet the old media revels in continuing to instill fear that yet another new variant is upon us. In the summer we will undoubtedly get a reprieve, we will get back something that was ours from the start and should never have been taken away.

However, returning to normal is not included in the government’s plans. There, the lowest level is still “vigilantism” where you still have to reserve your spot at the hospitality industry, you still have to wear muzzles in public transport and stores, and you are still expected to work at home.

Scaling up to a higher level via ‘signal values’ is easy to arrange. It is a monstrosity that defies all logic, created to curb a non-existent pandemic.