Dr. Sam Bailey: How To Spot Covid-19 Misinformation

How To Spot Covid-19 Misinformation? – IT IS EASY. Just follow the money.


Who do you trust more – some doctors, healtcare workers, some honest journalists, etc, risking their jobs and incomes speaking against official narrative OR bought and paid by pharma and cabal ciminal politicians, corrupted medical “experts”, deathcare workes and lying presstitutes? Exactly, the latter are the only ones spreading covid19 LIES and misinformation.

Remember Belarus, Sweden, some other countries, remember several USA states with NO lockdowns, muzzles, satanic restrictions and regulations and with NO PLANdemic.

Remember it is ONLY about masonic great reset, agenda 2030 depopulation, total control and slavery = global communism.

Dr. Bailey, the real deal. Smart and beautiful and telling the Truth.

We seek answers from the so-called “authorities” about what defines Covid Misinformation…
Also I will blow the lid on the publicly released TVNZ emails leading to my sacking as a TV show presenter.

It’s unscripted comedy at it’s best!

Dr. Sam Bailey

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