Up close and Personal! Get to know mRNA co-inventor Dr. Robert Malone for real

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, is the guest of Jakobien Huisman in beautiful Andalusia together with his wife Dr. Jill Glaspool. In this first episode of the second season of Headwinds, Malone talks in his characteristically calm way about the mistakes and abuses during the corona crisis and why he is so strongly opposed to the mRNA vaccines, the product of his own invention. “It’s not because of obsession. It’s more a sense of obligation.”


During the first episode of Headwind, as the series is now called because of its focus on foreign protagonists during the corona crisis, Andalusia is once again visited. The setting is the idyllic Finca Don Carmelo estate, which provides the perfect entourage for a revealing interview with the leading scientist, who unwittingly claimed a leading role in his fight against, what he calls, “the largest and most reckless medical experiment ever conducted on humans.

Why get vaccinated?

Malone, assisted by his wife, explains in full detail what he thinks about the mRNA vaccines, the way they were “approved,” about his patents, about vaccine coercion and about vaccinating children. Of course, the deplatforming and censorship of reputable doctors and scientists, of which he himself is a victim, is also discussed. And why he allowed himself to be vaccinated despite all his criticism, something that many people do not understand.

The Great Enlightenment

Initially Malone denounced abuses in a purely pragmatic way and on the basis of his own expertise, but because of his way of thinking he gradually started to look further and could form a clear opinion about how the corona crisis arose and what might have been behind it all.

He believes that you should not tell people what to think, but give them ‘tools’ so they can interpret the situation themselves and draw their own conclusions. That the threat is indeed the great reset, but the alternative is the great enlightenment. And how important it is therefore, for ourselves but especially for the children of the world, that we must find the courage to try to make the world more beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Up close and Personal! Get to know mRNA co-inventor Dr. Robert Malone for real

  1. Malone is a LIAR! He’s obviously a psyop that’s been given a platform by CAA to spread disinformation becuz he didn’t isolate the coronavirus! If he did it would have popped up when I searched the internet for the scientists name that isolated the coronavirus genome and I searched the CDC’s and NIH’s websites and NOT ONE NAME APPEARED! The entire internet has been scrubbed and nothing but LIES from “FACT CHECKERS” pop up! The only thing I can find
    about genetically sequencing and isolated virus on NIH’s website is that Chinese scientists achieved this process and they put it on some database in 2020. Which is really odd that we just trust China for one and two they claim they can identify and isolate viruses like they do this everyday when in fact has there been an offer for $1.5 Million Pounds to anyone that can prove and document the isolation of coronavirus and prove it causes infection for over 3 years now! And NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON HAS STEPPED UP TO GET THAT MONEY. Its $1.8 Million USD and there’s NOT one taker out of 8 billion people on this earth. NOT EVEN ONE? Come on! That’s how you know its all bullshit. ALL OF IT! IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!

    This Whole World is SO FUCKED UP. EVERYTHING’S A LIE! ALL OF IT! FAKE FAKE FAKE! The wisest thing we can do is just forget about everything we’ve ever been taught, everything we’ve ever heard and everything we’re being told now. We are living in the MATRIX. Everything is programmed manufactured LIES! CGI, bad actors and even worse LIARS!

    Its sad but I’m a Truth Addict aww shit I got a head rush… Sike

    NO ONE HAS EVER ISOLATED A CLEAN PURE VIRUS! EVER and has proven it caused infection through natural means as it would in nature if viruses truly did exist. When I say isolate a virus I mean just a virus alone without adding anything else like human fetus parts and animal kidney parts, antibiotics and other toxic additives. How is that isolation? It has never been done, because virology’s definition of a virus that can spread infection from human to human through airborne particles

    Viruses are NOT parasitic, they are NOT something that’s airborne or contagious.
    They are NOT a bacteria and there’s NO documented PROOF that a Virus causes infection.
    The flu, measles, mumps, chicken pocks, polio, AIDS, syphilis, Swine Flu, The bird flu etc can NOT infect humans or animals and they can’t be passed from human to human or from animal to human.

    If viruses were contagious and were airborne particles that caused infection, the entire population worldwide would have been wiped out long ago. Think about it? This isn’t some Hollywood movie starring Dustin Hoffman.

    What a virus TRULY is, is an internal cellular cleansing system or mechanism. Its sorta like water or a solvent that’s aids in removing dead cell debris when the body as taken in more toxins than it can usually expel through the pores, mucus, your breath, urine or feces, from toxic processed and fast food soda carbs, ice cream candy etc. From air pollution, fluoridated toxic water, heavy metals, dehydration, poor sleeping habits, toxic relationships, Teflon and other non-stick cooking surfaces, body soap, shampoos and conditioners, make up, lotions, after shave and Colognes and Allopathic drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, street drugs, insecticides, herbicides, and toxic household cleaning supplies and a lack of vital essential nutrients, stress, anxiety, depression, EMF and RF from cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, EV’s contamination, lack of sun light, isolation, ostracism, sound waves, mm micro waves all wreak havoc on the cellular level throughout human body.

    When there’s an accumulation of toxic poisons that’s when cellular dis-ease can take place causing flu-like symptoms, like diarrhea, runny nose, fever, cold sweats, headaches, nausea, aches and pains in the muscles and books, fatigue, dry mouth, lack of appetite, sore throat, congestion, light headed and dizziness, disconnected or difficulty focusing, blurred vision, burning watery eyes, foul breath, trouble breathing and other uncomfortable effects from intoxication accumulation and cell poisoning.

    When the cellular debris has built up and cells are dying faster than the body can normally remove them, that’s when your body creates viruses to assist with the cleansing and removal of dead or dying cells. So those symptoms are also crucial in helping the removing of cellular debris.

    And what are we taught / programmed to do? Take toxic OTC pain relievers, decongestants and even worse antibiotics are of these “medicines” which can ruin your gut heath which is the main line of defense. Drugs can cause breaks in the liner of the stomach and that can cause a leaky gut and bloating making you more likely to become ill from dis-ease.

    Allopathic medicine virology “GERM THEORY” doesn’t cure illnesses or disease. Big Pharma drugs only mask or relieve symptoms. They don’t work or have an effect at the root cause. Like an aspirin doesn’t eliminate a headache. It just blocks receptors from feeling pain. But the pain i still there. Just like a band-aid doesn’t heal wounds. It just covers them up.

    There is absolutely no proof that vaccines have ever prevented a disease. There is tons of evidence that vaccines cause adverse effects, disease and death. Like most Allopathic drugs, the adverse effects they cause are usually worse than the reason you’re taking them to begin with. Allopathic medicine really doesn’t have a viable place in treating illnesses and disease. Its like washing your hands in used motor oil before dinner. Toxic and foolish and it just doesn’t make any sense to have to take other medicines to treat the adverse symptoms or effects that the medicine you were taking to begin with for other reasons, causes you to have more illnesses than you originally had.

    Like cancer treatments for instance. The only two treatments they provide besides surgery, both cause cancer. Mammograms increase the odds of getting breast cancer by 200 times! Not 200%, 200 times more likely to get cancer when a woman complies to the recommended testing schedule. That is pure insanity, sadistic and honestly truly EVIL! If you get radiation treatments more likely than not you will get cancer in other parts of your body.

    The same thing with chemo if it doesn’t kill you on the spot. Plus they only record and track the data from these treatment results for five years and the clinical trials are so inadequate. They have all different ages, different levels of health, people with other illnesses and other that don’t. They have different habits and diets, Huge differences in lifestyles fitness and exercise. So these studies are randomized shit! They really can’t tell you your chances of failure or success. There’s too many variables and differences in test subjects.

    They do have a chart that goes by age and the type of cancer you have but again its not informative or accurate. They have been keeping track of the death rate though and it shows a 10% increase of death since 1940 when chemo was first discovered when doctors noticed the dying cells from soldiers who were exposed to mustard gas. That’s what chemotherapy originated from. A military grade Bio-weapon.

    That’s how sick this unethical toxic deadly Rockefeller brand of medical care and treatment is! It has no place in treating or healing disease. That’s where Homeopathic Holistic and Naturopathy treatments and remedies really shine most. Also in prevention. Natural medicines curing the root cause of illnesses with vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrition. All From Mother Nature. Not made from Toxic Man-Made Chemicals patented by corporations that only care about profits and the steady flow of unhealthy clientele.

    Allopathic Medical Care does have a place in the medical field. For instance, setting broken bones, emergency surgeries and most surgeries generally speaking. Victims of car accidents, Stitches, plastic surgery, prosthetic limbs and titanium plates and rods and short term pain management and anesthesiology and Emergency medical care.

    We should be using natural medicines as our primary care and prevention by focusing more on nutrition diet fitness & exercise.

    We also need to dismantle and put an end to the central banking cartel and corporate influence in many branches of government. Really the entire system needs to redesigned and restructured putting in citizens oversight and some type of safety nets to monitor and oversee that operations and end the corruption and all the senseless wars and corrupt central covert involvement in other countries. Get rid of the UN and ALL of its affiliates UNICEF, UNCED, The CDC, WHO NIH NATO, WEF, Gates and all the other murders in the medical field. All need to go. Shut down all these Crooked philanthropy Foundations and NGO’s. Also come up with some kind of cap or regulation that prevents or limits these Mega Corporations from becoming so powerful owning the most shares.

    Restructure the Military and either revamp the DOD or start from scratch and get rid of the criminals that are involved in this lipid nano-particle technology. Shut down DARPA, BARTA DNS HLS and Remove the executive orders referring to the 800 FEMA prison camps and FEMA along with them. The FBI and CIA both need to go and all the classified secret documents and over secret branches need to be investigated like Area 51 and all other sites and operations. All the manufactures of 70,000 toxic chemicals per year need to shut down. Funding wars and supporting countries that are clearly committing crimes against humanity like Israel selling cluster bombs and all their historic lies like redefining the word Holocaust sometime before or during WWII. Look up the definition in any credible dictionary around 1930-35. We also need to get rid of all the Jewish organizations in the this country and start paying attention to their religious teachings and Jewish Law and how they view themselves compared to the rest of the non Jewish population. As we are referred to as Goyim. Which means animals or cattle

    Any group that constantly plays the victim in every situation ans scenario all throughout 4000 years of history and still sings that sad sad song. When history shows just as it shows today they are not victims by any means. Any group that isn’t open for debate and constantly plays the race card about anything and everything yet teaches racism in their religious texts. Narcissists gas light, blame shift play the victim manipulate by way of pity and guilt playing on empathy when all along its just one big lie after another. The Zionists clearly are a perfect fit and the evidence is overwhelmingly damning. Name one other group that has been literally kicked out and banned from over 330 states and nations all throughout history all over the world dating back thousands of years ago and its still documented in detail in dozens of countries or more along with a list of crimes. What is the reason for this banning? If I told you then I’m conveniently labeled antisemitic or a white supremacist with no debate. Just as we’ve seen the left do every time they are guilty. Only they just use the word racist and mostly out of context, or they call you crazy and act like your stupid for even thinking they could be lying. When there’s decades of proof they lie every time they’re guilty. They also use phrases like Russian collusion or conspiracy theorists and 99.9% of the time they were guilty all along. Do you get the picture? And see the similarities? Its the same exact tactics from the same exact bloodline that mover that has intermixed with every race for thousands of years now! They are quite easy to identify becuz they all have the same immoral genetic traits. They see the opposite of what you see and hear from the media and you will never convince them that this Agenda and the pandemic is all apart of a globalized plan and climate change is just another part of this great deception.
    Propaganda = Blatant Lies= Gas Lighting

    If you just do some simple research you’ll see who’s had control of the central banks since the 1660’s to present. There are central banks in all 193 member states of the UN which just so happens to be same amount of central banks around the world. Its no secret. Who controls the world’s currency, inflation and the economy? Who controls the entertainment industry in Hollywood? What the media will headline or ignore? You sure do see a lot of Masonic symbols that blend right in throughout Disney productions, in the entertainment world in general and so many movie stars and rock stars use Masonic hand and eye gestures and wear clothes that broadcast Masonic Occult symbols to represent the son of perdition. Who funds Antifa and BLM and organizes transportation to protest and invokes violence and destructive riots? Who are the majority of the high ranking government officials. Who has been behind every war and financed both sides of every war since Napoleon? There are over 8 million children that just disappear out of thin air every year and 90% of them are never seen again. They just vanish without a trace. It really makes you wonder who has the power, the resources and funding to manage and get away with such acts of evil? Ever wonder why you never really hear anything about these abductors and trafficking rings ever getting caught? What are the odds when you talking about the equivalence of the population of the largest major cities in this nation. Criminal acts against innocent children of this magnitude is just incomprehensible to even fathom. Something must be done to end this. We need to find out driving force behind this and everyone who’s apart of this should face a thousand deaths before they die. One tiny slice at a time. Then put on public display for all the world to see! This is what happens, should temptation get the better of them.

    This country and the entire world for that matter has really gone to shit. Its a modern day Babylon USA Inc.
    It truly is the devils time to reign. His earth dwelling demons are clearly in full preparation for when the time comes and Michael casts him from the Heavens down onto earth along with his fallen angels. So many who believe they are Christians will be deceived by the Antichrist. As he will come in peace, end all war heal the sick and feed the poor. And so as it will appear. Many will fall to their knees not realizing they’re worshiping a false god. The spurious messiah.

  2. grandissimo straordinario l’unico vero alternativo al sistema e alla falsa narrazione del pensiero unico, tutto questo rispecchia fedelmente anche la mia cultura come revisionista e ricercatore libero, condivido tutto su MALONE , BASTA TROVARE IL VIDEO SU YOUTUBE , DOVE E’ FAVOREVOLE AI VACCINI E ALLA VACCINAZIONE DI MASSA , COME E’ POTUTO ACCADERE ALTRIMENTI IL SUO BREVETTO TECNICO mRNA ESSERE STATO RIPRODOTTO NEL COVID-19 mRNA SENZA LA SUA APPROVAZIONE , NE E’ TESTIMONE ANCHE UNA SUA RAFFIGURAZIONE ASSIEME AL PRODUTTORE DI ” PLIZER ”
    ancora grande con piena stima

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