Up close and Personal! Get to know mRNA co-inventor Dr. Robert Malone for real

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, is the guest of Jakobien Huisman in beautiful Andalusia together with his wife Dr. Jill Glaspool. In this first episode of the second season of Headwinds, Malone talks in his characteristically calm way about the mistakes and abuses during the corona crisis and why he is so strongly opposed to the mRNA vaccines, the product of his own invention. “It’s not because of obsession. It’s more a sense of obligation.”


During the first episode of Headwind, as the series is now called because of its focus on foreign protagonists during the corona crisis, Andalusia is once again visited. The setting is the idyllic Finca Don Carmelo estate, which provides the perfect entourage for a revealing interview with the leading scientist, who unwittingly claimed a leading role in his fight against, what he calls, “the largest and most reckless medical experiment ever conducted on humans.

Why get vaccinated?

Malone, assisted by his wife, explains in full detail what he thinks about the mRNA vaccines, the way they were “approved,” about his patents, about vaccine coercion and about vaccinating children. Of course, the deplatforming and censorship of reputable doctors and scientists, of which he himself is a victim, is also discussed. And why he allowed himself to be vaccinated despite all his criticism, something that many people do not understand.

The Great Enlightenment

Initially Malone denounced abuses in a purely pragmatic way and on the basis of his own expertise, but because of his way of thinking he gradually started to look further and could form a clear opinion about how the corona crisis arose and what might have been behind it all.

He believes that you should not tell people what to think, but give them ‘tools’ so they can interpret the situation themselves and draw their own conclusions. That the threat is indeed the great reset, but the alternative is the great enlightenment. And how important it is therefore, for ourselves but especially for the children of the world, that we must find the courage to try to make the world more beautiful.

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