Funeral director speaks out about his observations over the past 2 years

In an interview, a British undertaker named Wesley talks about the harrowing things he has seen since the pandemic and the vaccinations.

An undertaker tells the truth about his experience during the ‘pandemic’, and what he’s been able to see in the morgues lately.

Funeral Director: “I just see the dead babies in the fridges, and there are 10 times more dead babies…”

‘… but COVID deaths? I’ve only had one this year, 1 COVID death recorded, since January 2021.”



‘My name is Wesley. I’ve been a funeral director for over three years, so I have a little bit of knowledge of everything that was going on before this pandemic started, and what’s going on now.
So there was a spike in March/April last year, and then it calmed down considerably. It was all hype from what I saw. Those extra storage units that they had in the summer, they closed them down and never opened them again.’

‘Did they use those at all?’

‘Yes, I can’t tell you how many bodies were in them, but it soon ran back down. They were only open for a few months.’

‘So the only time you saw a spike was right at the beginning of this whole thing? And there’s been almost nothing since then?’

‘Now, in the fall it was probably one of the quietest periods ever. And other funeral directors will tell you that, where they can speak up, but in January the numbers shot through the roof. This time, however, the extra storage units were hidden; they were remote, and that’s since people were vaccinated.
So, this year, as the vaccinations have gone on, I’ve seen trends through the age groups. It doesn’t say, of course, that they were vaccinated, but, having done the most funerals in two weeks that I’ve ever done…and they were all 30, 40 years old, not older.’

‘And that’s what you’re seeing now?’

‘That’s what I saw earlier in the year, when that age group was vaccinated.’

‘And, what kind of ratio was that compared to the ratios you normally deal with?’

‘Now, usually you’re dealing with all different age groups, but as I said, the older ones would normally probably go in a year, or a year and a half, or whatever… they’re already gone! So there’s a big gap. So we didn’t have those deaths anymore. And with the younger people: they’re vaccinated now, and I had about 12 at one time!’

‘And how many would you usually have?’

‘Very few. We’ve had high suicide rates, especially among young men. That was especially the case last summer in the [inaudible].’

‘But could you give people a sense of proportion? You had 12 in a short time. How many would you have in that time span? One, or maybe a 50% chance?’

‘Normally we have about 4 or 5 funerals going on, and not 11, 12, and not all of that age group. There would normally be old people there. And now it’s quiet. What I’ve seen is a lot of newborn babies in the refrigerators in the morgues.’

‘So do you want to talk about the numbers of newborn babies, that you’ve seen in the morgues?’

‘Oh, they are very high. There are as many as 30 in one hospital!’

‘And how many would they usually have?’

‘They have refrigerators with a maximum capacity of 6 to 10, and they are never normally full. Now, however, they are all in the adult section.’

‘So there’s maybe ten times the number you’d normally have?’

‘Yes, yes, yes. And apparently they’re either miscarriages, or a full-term stillbirth, but there wasn’t much said about it.’

‘And, what else have you seen? Have you seen an increase in deaths in younger people recently?’

‘Not in people under 20, and really not in the 20-year-olds. But above that, yes. Earlier in the summer, when they all went out for the first time and got vaccinated… But you see, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to get those who… it triggers something in them! Or they have not very good health, which maybe they didn’t know about, and they will be the first ones to go. And later we’ll start seeing a lot more of them!’

‘And what have you seen of what is written on the death certificates?’

‘There’s a lot of myocarditis (heart muscle inflammation), heart attacks… you know, it’s all blood, heart-based, pneumonia… But COVID? I’ve only had one this year! One COVID death written down, since January 2021.’

‘Of how many?’

‘I couldn’t tell you how many we’ve done, but if you say there’s a pandemic going on, there should be more than that. But it’s like they don’t care as much; they can just twist their numbers and do whatever they want (with the numbers).’

‘So would that be hundreds that you do in a year, or maybe a hundred?’

‘Yes, yes. But you see, last year they noted everything and everyone with it (with COVID). They died of other things. They tested them, and they labeled them with COVID! But now, since the vaccination is going on, they don’t.’

‘So do you think it’s because they’re convinced that these injections work in people, that they don’t bring people down (and write them off as COVID patients)?’

‘Yes, yes. They just scare people on TV.’

‘So it’s a psychological thing, you think?’

‘Yes, yes, from “Get your vaccination!”‘ And what are they going to do next? I don’t know. But when more and more people start dying from this vaccination … I mean, you’ve had the initial reactions, but what’s going to happen in the future?’

‘So in terms of the past year, people note as having COVID deaths, what kind of proportion do you think was wrongly attributed?’

‘A lot of it, because they were testing everybody. So if you tested positive, and it had nothing to do with it… I mean, I had one who was really angry about it! The person in question died of something else. I think it was cancer at the time, and they wrote it off as a COVID death, but she had never had COVID; but she tested positive.’

‘Do you see other examples of this, so people die of multiple different things, and then it’s a COVID death?’

‘Yes, yes, yes, and now you see that there is no record of who was vaccinated and who was not; that’s normally on the statements, and it should be.’

‘And do you work with the families at all?’

‘No, not really, no, no.’

‘So you can’t talk to them and ask if one of them has had the injections or not?’

‘No, it’s a bit of a tricky thing to do unless they’re open about the subject, because it’s quite private to them, so…’

‘What else have you noticed lately? You’ve noticed the huge increase in babies. May I ask how old these babies were? Were they more or less newborns?’

‘Well, yes. Newborns, or miscarriages, I don’t know more than that. I just see them in the refrigerators, even without names: Baby of…, and then the names of the parents.’


‘Yes, it’s shocking, and I’m sure many more people are noticing it too. You see, we’re not dealing with newborn babies, so I can’t see what’s happening to them. But I see them in the refrigerators in the morgues.’

‘And is there anything else you would like to tell me now, that I may not have asked you?’

‘Only that adult deaths are down at the moment. As I said, you’ve had the waves of people who were affected by the vaccines. Not that it’s written that they died from vaccines, but the link is there, and COVID just doesn’t exist.’

‘May I ask what your message is to other people, who are thinking about speaking out? Other funeral directors, or nurses?’

‘I say, do it, do it. The problem is, with a lot of funeral directors working for big companies, you’re not allowed to speak out. When you see this, you have to speak up! I mean, it’s there, it exists; it’s clear as day! Other than us, and the staff at the crematorium, nobody else sees these death certificates, so it’s there, it’s all there.’

‘Thank you very much.’

‘No thanks.’

2 thoughts on “Funeral director speaks out about his observations over the past 2 years

  1. I believe my sister died from the Pfizer vaccine, her family said that the morgues were backed up. My nephew had the doctor put Covid as the cause of death, because he wanted the government money, about $9000, he thinks he might get, if that is the cause of death. He never had them do an autopsy, just had her cremated. I think this may be happening too, because people want the money. My sister’s symptoms were consistent with a blood clot.

  2. That is so sad! Sending you prayers from Washington DC!! This is all so evil — part of the evil Great Reset. People need to wake up.

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