Former president of Bolivia found clues to NWO depopulation agenda in IMF documents

Former president of Bolivia Evo Morales spoke last week as president of the MAS-IPSP at a roundtable discussion on the role of parliamentary parties in developing cooperation between Russia and Latin American countries.

At one point he says something striking about the pandemic. He found texts that contained indications of depopulation in IMF documents, which also referred to the New World Order.

“I have many concerns about this latest pandemic. I read some commentaries, some documents from the International Monetary Fund, and what did they say?

That within the policy of the New World Order, importance is attached to planning for the reduction of the “superfluous population.”

In the doctrine of capitalism, which is currently the doctrine of the American empire, that “superfluous population” is formed by the elderly and the disabled. I discovered that certain social sectors, the poor, the humble, are also seen as a problem for the states and therefore for capitalism.

So if the approach is from that point of view, I think it is necessary for Latin America and Russia, at least, to consider doing research so that hopefully the pharmaceutical industry can be run by states, since health is a human right, not a private business.”

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