Multiple remarkable court verdicts on one day – It’s collapsing folks

Multiple remarkable court cases in Europe, for updates about each of them, best to follow the Telegram channel. Regarding the Belgium court verdict, since main stream media massively published about it, we believe there’s a snake hidden in the bushes and it might be a strategy towards permanent measures. Regarding the PCR verdict in Austria, no surprising news here, let’s see if ‘cases’ suddenly end in Austria.
Belgium: Court orders Belgian state to lift corona measures within 30 days

Belgium is given 30 days to end all corona measures, which the judge says have insufficient legal basis.

The Brussels court ruled on Wednesday in a summary proceeding that the Belgian government must lift all corona measures within thirty days, or provide a legal basis for doing so. Failure to do so carries a fine starting at 5,000 euros per day, Belgian media reported. According to the judge, the legal basis on which the measures are currently based is not sufficient.

Belgium’s coronas measures – which include a curfew, the restriction of foreign travel, the closure of sectors such as the hospitality industry, and in some places a mouth mask requirement – are based on the 2007 Civil Security Act and two other laws that allow for rapid action in the event of disasters. They give the responsible minister the power to make far-reaching decisions quickly in an acute crisis.

However, according to the Flemish League for Human Rights and its French-speaking sister organization, which had subpoenaed the Belgian state, these laws do not provide a good legal basis for the current measures.

Czech Republic: It is illegal to request a negative test before returning, court rules

The Health Ministry’s measure requiring Czech citizens to have a negative test for covid-19 before returning to the Czech Republic is illegal. The ruling will be effective from April 5.

According to spokesperson Barbara Peterová, the ministry will not yet comment on the verdict, as it has not yet been delivered in writing. “The Ministry of Health is therefore only familiarizing itself with the judgment through the court’s official bulletin board. After the judgment is delivered, the Health Ministry will get to know it more thoroughly and will take a position on it,” the spokesperson said.

On 15 March, the ministry made entry into the Czech territory conditional on the submission of a written certificate from an accredited laboratory confirming a negative test result when returning from countries with a medium, high and very high risk of coronavirus infection.

Aleš Sabol, the president of the court chamber, said the court does not want to downplay the threats associated with the spread of covid or the executive’s efforts to protect human life and health. “Even in light of these values, however, the fundamental principles of the rule of law cannot be abandoned and the right of Czech citizens to return to their homeland cannot be restricted without being absolutely necessary,” he stressed.

Austria: Verdict in Austria: PCR test not suitable for detecting infection

An Austrian court concluded that a PCR test in the form in which it is used or evaluated in Austria is not suitable for detecting an infection. The case in question concerned a lawsuit filed by the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ). It was banned from holding a meeting in Vienna at the end of January. The party took legal action against this before the Vienna Administrative Court. The court ruled in its favor. The judges voiced massive criticism of the Austrian federal government’s Corona policy. “Based on the ruling, it is certain that the police will no longer be allowed to ban government-critical gatherings in the future on the basis of these figures,” writes the Internet newspaper “Report 24.” The court concludes that Vienna’s health department, whose information was the basis for the police’s ban on the gathering, did not provide “valid and evidence-based statements and findings” on the epidemic.

According to the report, the court also criticized the public health data situation. The judges noted that to date, the Corona measures are without evidence as to their effectiveness. The court decision states that the definitions for counting a Corona infection do not comply with the guidelines of the WHO.

Critics of Corona’s policy speak of a “groundbreaking decision,” a “sensational ruling” and a “resounding slap in the face.” The judge’s ruling rejects the entire Corona policy in Austria, which is based on the PCR test. For Germany, of course, the ruling has no legal significance, but politically its explosive power is enormous. According to comments by lawyers from the Corona protest movement on the Internet, the court has ruled out an ordinary appeal. Nevertheless, the verdict is apparently not yet final due to other possibilities of appeal. However, this information is preliminary and please still take it with a grain of salt.

Finland: Lockdown called off – it’s unconstitutional

The Finnish government has withdrawn a proposal to severely close five cities, including the capital Helsinki. Prime Minister Sanna Marin has had to accept that the measures were declared unconstitutional by the country’s Constitutional Law Commission.

The Finnish government proposed the restrictions a week ago amid an increase in the number of infections – 99%-100% of which were false positive test results – across the country. The new bill for Finland’s first proposed lockdown proposed that citizens be allowed out only for pre-approved purposes, such as buying food or traveling to a second home, and that non-compliance be punished by fines.

The wait is on for a second lockdown that does conform to the constitution. Mass “vaccination” has also taken place in Finland and the “infections” are undoubtedly a result of this. The decision to lock up the rabble to make the summer a little sunnier? Politicians are good for nothing. Anyone who can’t get by in education becomes a “people’s representative.” Finland is also infected with an ineradicable parasitic infection. I guess it’s all about the pennies.

Germany: suspends use of AstraZeneca’s Covid shot for the under-60s, dealing another blow to drugmaker

Germany has suspended use of the coronavirus vaccine created by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in the under-60s, due to renewed concerns over reports of blood clots.

The move comes after the country’s medicines regulator found 31 cases of a rare type of blood clot in a small number of people immunized with the coronavirus vaccine produced by the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker. The suspension is likely to deal yet another blow to its vaccine’s reputation.

Previously, numerous European countries discontinued AstraZeneca after various cases of thrombosis combined with reduced platelets.

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