Detrimental Effects of Lockdowns Divided by Section

By u/JustHereToNotBeFined on Reddit – In this thread I’ll be compiling all the detrimental effects that our response to COVID19 have caused. Mind you, no matter what the headlines of many of these articles try to claim, SARS-COV2 is a respiratory virus that causes respiratory symptoms. It cannot cause any of these other things. Let’s begin.

Mental health:

1 in 5 adults developed mental disorders

1 in 4 young adults suicidal

Effects of isolation on elderly – (1)






Effects of isolation on the future health of children

Young people in HK struggling with mental illness

Mental illness in children rising due to lockdowns

Half of young adults showing signs of depression

The mental health of students

Suicidal thoughts greater in those under restrictions and unchanged in those without any

Prevalence of depression before and after in the US

Cases of depression in the US have tripled

Quote from Robert Redfield: “*But there has been another cost that we’ve seen, particularly in high schools. We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID.”* –

Washington Department of Health says depression will increase massively

US Census shows 48% of Wa adults have depression

Lockdowns pose great threat to mental health


Suicides among black people spiked during lockdowns

Suicides up sharply in Toronto

Projected increase in suicides in Canada

Trends in suicide during the pandemic

Canadians in quarantine twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts

Military suicides up 20%

Suicides up among children

Male suicides up

Economy and Poverty:

8 million Americans pushed into poverty

A year of lockdowns has destroyed a decade of progress

10k Canadian restaurants gone forever

Black and Latino tnenats more affected by evictions

Economic importance of in-person school

The 8 month lockdown in Buenos Aires forced more people into poverty

150 million people forced into extreme poverty

Lockdowns driving NYC homelessness up

Economic well-being of millenials at risk

10k US restaurants forced to close

Economic toll on young Americans

2 million UK families pushed into poverty

India’s economic recover slower for women

NYC bankruptcies surge 40%

National lockdowns pushing up to 100 million people into poverty

Statement from German Minister of Finance

European small businesses closing

Lockdowns and lack of tourism may increase poverty in Africa

Nearly half of South Africa’s small businesses closed thanks to lockdowns

New Zealand’s success story pushed 70k children into poverty

90% of New Zealanders who lost their jobs were women

Thousands of Aucklanders turn to food banks

Fewer children are being born

Hunger and Starvation:

UNICEF for the first time having to feed UK children

168k child hunger deaths predicted in Africa

82% increase in food insecurity

Oxfam on increased hunger deaths

More Americans are shoplifting food

2 million Filipino families starving because of lockdowns

UN says famine and lockdown fallout in 2021 will be catastrophic

130 million additional people will have food insecurity

10k additional children a month could die of hunger

6k children a die die thanks to lockdown hunger

Almost 1.2 million babies could die because of lockdowns

Hunger crisis to affect up to 132 million people in sub-Saharan Africa because of lockdowns

Other Effects on Children:

Poor students suffering in online classes

Lockdowns fuel child labor

FGM up in Africa

Child marriage up

School closures are bad

Negatives of school closures more than benefits

Teen pregnance in Kenya up

Negative impacts of lockdowns on children

Sharp rise of eating disorders in children

Substance Abuse:

OD deaths at highest point in 12 month period

Canadian OD deaths – (1)




US ODs rising

More people are using drugs

Fentanyl ODs up 60%

Every week of lockdowns increases binge drinking

Domestic/Sexual Abuse:

US lockdowns trigger surge in domestic abuse

Child abuse up in Uganda because of lockdowns

Child abuse up

School closures inhibit child abuse reports

Domestic violence up

Male domestic abuse up

Abuse more severe during lockdowns

Child sexual abuse underreported during lockdowns

Childline reports surge

Undiagnosed Diseases:








Cancer deaths up during lockdown – (1)





(6) 35k excess cancer deaths thanks to lockdowns

Portion of excess deaths due to lockdowns – (1)


Malaria deaths to be higher in Africa

Disruption of other health and services

In Austria more people apparently died from undiagnosed cardiac effects

Excess cardiac deaths

Heart attack diagnoses down

33% drop in heart attack patients, 58% drop in stroke patients

Stress related heart problems up thanks to the stress of lockdowns

15k extra Alzheimer deaths not related to COVID

People dying because of lockdowns

Lockdowns and supply chain disruptions threaten to erase progress made in fighting HIV, TB and Malaria

I think we can now see why lockdowns were not considered in any pandemic response protocol. They are destructive, immoral and terrible. And as shown multiple times, they are also ineffective.

The lockdowns of 2020 should go down in history as one of modern society’s greatest mistakes, to be a lesson on how NOT to create public policy and should never be repeated ever again in the future. It’s a story not of human ingenuity or innovation, but of regression into medieval tactics, using what can only be described as modern day Rain Dances. It’s a story of terrible pain and horror that won’t end because our pride won’t allow us to admit that this was a mistake, an act of hubris on a worldwide scale. These restrictions are a testament to human arrogance.

1 thought on “Detrimental Effects of Lockdowns Divided by Section

  1. Well done, this is exactly the kind of information that needs to be broadcasted massively.

    The only regret is that the author doesn’t make the right and logical conclusion, and given all the facts he took time to assemble about the immense amount of suffering caused by corrupt government who impose lockdowns, curfews and other human right abuses, he doesn’t mention that these are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the criminals behind it will have to pay for it.

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