Doctors’ responsibility: alert the public worldwide to serious state crime and its cover-up

In my opinion, as an experienced physician, there never was, and still is not any medical justification for the extreme measures taken worldwide in the name of a single inconspicuous coronavirus (which was never new as claimed) – Dr. C. Stephen Frost.

The alleged current pandemic was always a medical problem. Physicians are (or should be) trained to solve medical problems.

It takes many years of intensive training and experience to produce competent physicians. The fact that physicians have been left out of the picture (and shamefully made redundant) in solving a medical problem tells you all you need to know about what happened.

The proper practice of medicine was deliberately corrupted by politicians and pseudo-scientists and the resulting chaos, confusion and fear (with the malicious help of behavioral psychologists) is a direct result of that.

Now the public is unable to distinguish between good and bad scientists.

They trust politicians they used to distrust!

The only people who are able to lead the public out of their Stockholm syndrome, cognitive dissonance, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression (take your pick), as a result of over a year of severe psychological torture through fear propaganda and “randomness” (deliberately creating confusion with mixed messages etc.), are honest medical doctors.

The public is desperate for a credible way out of this obvious pseudo-medical chaos. The public will believe doctors it considers honest and it will follow their lead.

It is the ethical duty of physicians to set that example and it is especially important that physicians put a stop to the vaccination program by sounding the alarm about the huge number of deaths due to the “vaccines” and the fraud/cover-up that is so clearly the result of the lack of post-mortem examinations.

A positive PCR test was never equated with a “case” and “deaths” were fraudulently created by falsification of death certificates to scare the population into taking a dangerous, inadequately tested, gene-based vaccine that was ineffective and that they did not need, during a supposed emergency that clearly was not an emergency.

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And never forget the WHO’s 2009 swine flu pandemic fraud. If I understand correctly, that particular episode of medical nonsense was almost single-handedly stopped by a doctor, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who then forced an official investigation at the Council of Europe, which duly found WHO guilty of fraud. And, everyone forgot about it!!!

Given the blatant absence of the usual safeguards and transparency and the extreme degree of coercion, I believe that physicians must conclude (from the best figures at our disposal) that state mass murder and a cover-up thereof is underway worldwide and will continue.

In such perilous circumstances, we physicians have a professional and ethical duty to urgently alert the public to the continuing very serious state crime.

The burden of proof is on the state to prove us wrong.

They will not be able to do so because they have covered up mass murder with criminal intent by systematically hiding and destroying evidence of mass murder.

There comes a point where the sheer volume of false exculpatory statements indicates an intent to commit a crime.

There is much more to be said about this, but these are my initial, somewhat hasty thoughts.